Haiti is preparing for the worst

Haitians began storming the few shops still open for stocking in the next few days, fearing an already tense climate change.

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Félix Séguin, envoy e spécial de TVA Nouvelles en Haïti, se trouve dans la perle des Antilles depuis un peu plus de 24 h, et il constate déjà l’instabilité qui règne depuis l’exécution du président Jovenel du au ïté 6 July.

Political instability and the security issue are among the most important issues of concern to the Haitian people, according to Felix Seguin’s report.

The criminal gangs, who were already spreading chaos in Haiti, have been given more freedom since the country’s government was destabilized.

“Haitian society has changed its DNA and is more dysfunctional than ever before,” summarizes the journalist.

For Felix Seguin, the country is certainly at a turning point.

“We’re looking at which side the clock is going,” he explains.

Felix Seguin remembers that what Haiti is currently experiencing is a state of siege that gives the government more rights, but also makes life in the country more dangerous.

He testifies that people do not go out at night and that several neighborhoods should be avoided.

“From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., there was no one left on the streets,” says Felix Seguin.

I asked for help

Haitian authorities also requested assistance from the United States and the United Nations to secure the country.

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“This is perhaps one of the most important news that we will be following,” the Special Envoy believes.

The request to the United States aims to resolve the investigation into the assassination of the president.

UN intervention favors infrastructure protection. The fear is that the attackers will decide to attack the oil reserves or Port-au-Prince, the country’s only international airport.

“The answer is in the affirmative from the United States, which will send agents from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security,” defines Felix Seguin.

Also, members of the Special Unit of the Criminal Investigations Directorate of the Colombian National Police arrived in Port-au-Prince on Saturday morning.

They claimed they had come “to support the Haitian investigation”.

Interim Presidency

To the climate of instability, we must add the interim presidency of the country, which does not appear to be unanimous.

While Ariel Henry was due to take over as the country’s prime minister, the one who had held the temporary position since April remained in power.

In addition, Joseph Lambert was also appointed interim president by the country’s Senate.

However, this is only a suggestion, and nothing is forcing the management team currently in the country to agree to this appointment.

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“It’s a sword in the water, but one thing is certain, the future is more than uncertain, especially the next few days,” concludes the journalist.

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