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Here are the top 10 Japanese regarding the saga games and characters

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Final Fantasy It is without a doubt the most famous RPG series in the world, and to this day it remains a reference with endless success. However, with so many different writings, discussions always remain raging when it comes to deciding Who is the best Final Fantasy or the best character. The Japanese decided.

Top 10 Best Japanese Final Fantasy Game

Developed first by Squaresoft, then by Square Enix, this franchise is above all a pure product from the Land of the Rising Sun, so who better than the Japanese to decide which game is better among them all? This is the question that should be asked of the public TV channel NHK (France tied 2 with us) for a group of 468,654 Japanese voters. Here are the results of the best Final Fantasy games :

  1. Final Fantasy X
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Final Fantasy VI
  4. Final Fantasy IX
  5. Final Fantasy XIV
  6. Final Fantasy vs.
  7. Final Fantasy VIII
  8. Final Fantasy IV
  9. Final Fantasy XI
  10. Final Fantasy XV

Thus Final Fantasy X is the most striking title for these Japanese. Note that in the rest of the ranking we find, for example, Final Fantasy XIII-2 at 28th or the first Final Fantasy at 24th. One would think titles like Final Fantasy XV would be much lower.

Top 10 Japanese Final Fantasy Characters

Now let’s see if the favorite characters of our Japanese friends take on a structure similar to the previous arrangement:

  1. Cloud (FF VII)
  2. Yuna (FF X)
  3. Iris (FF VII)
  4. Live (FF IX)
  5. Jedan (FF IX)
  6. Solus Village in Galvus (FF XIV)
  7. Tidus (FF X)
  8. Lightning (FF XIII)
  9. Tifa (FF VII)
  10. Zak (FF VII)
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Thus we have more surprises with the selection of our favorite characters, including Lightning in eighth place (while Final Fantasy XIII Located 14th) or Solus zos Galvus, it’s a boss found in the current MMORPG from the series. Ranking, of course, is largely controlled Final Fantasy VII No doubt thanks to a much talked about remake recently. Finally, notice that the two Final Fantasy X heroes are present, we imagine the Japanese fans are also a very blue flower.

Feel free to let us know if you agree with these different classifications.

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