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How do you show appreciation to your employees

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According to a report by the National Public Institute of Quebec, several studies have shown that work situations that combine high effort and low recognition pose a risk to mental and cardiovascular health, as well as musculoskeletal disorders in patients. In addition, a significant lack of recognition has been shown to be the second cause of stress at work and quadruple the risk of experiencing high psychological stress.

With data like this, it’s no wonder managers want to adopt new HR strategies to show appreciation for their employees. Should you manage a team on a daily basis? Find tips here to show gratitude to your subordinates and thus improve their happiness in the work index.

Quebec employees are not well known for their work Did you know that young professionals between the ages of 25 and 34 consider this the most important factor in well-being at work? All age groups combined, are considered the third most important factor. However, according to the Order of Certified Human Resources Consultants, in Quebec, 42% of Quebec employees believe they receive little or no recognition at work. Nationwide, an estimated 20% of Canadian workers suffer from a stress-related illness, with it not being recognized as the second leading cause of their psychological distress.

The four forms of recognition In order to be able to show your appreciation to your employees, you must be able to distinguish its different forms. Here’s how the Quebec Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association defines the four forms of recognition:

1. Existential recognition: This form of recognition aims to recognize the individual for what he or she is in order to contribute to his personal and professional development.

2. Recognition of results in action: It is the recognition of results, performance, and employee contribution to achieving business goals.

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3. Recognition of the practice of work: The latter deals with the way employees perform their work, including their behaviour, skills and professional qualities.

4. Recognition of Investment in Business: It aims to recognize the participation and contribution of employees in terms of effort and energy expended, regardless of results.

Recognition practices should be preferred In order for an employee to feel valued at work, he must receive recognition that goes beyond the financial aspect. Here are some ways to express your gratitude to your employees, according to four forms of appreciation.

existential recognition
1. be polite

2. Consult your employees to make important company decisions

3. Encourage informal exchanges outside of work

4. Show simple, everyday signs of attention

5. Describe the personal successes of the employees

6. Give a holiday for a birthday or other important personal event

7. Promote career development by granting leave for training and studies

Recognizing results in action
1. Providing satisfactory salaries

2. Offer attractive social benefits

3. Pay overtime

4. Give extra time to reward efforts

5. Conduct annual performance reviews

6. Give a reward or gift to reward exceptional performance

7. Automatically congratulate the employee on their successes

8. Underline the employee’s birthday

Recognition of the practice of work
1. Highlight the specific skills of employees

2. Establish a guidance or information system to enhance the experience of senior staff

3. give a fair promotion

4. Delegating new tasks and responsibilities to a distinguished employee

5. Congratulate the innovative ideas and new working methods developed by the employees.

6. Seek advice and seek the expertise of highly qualified personnel to make sensitive business decisions.

Recognition of the investment in the business
1. Recognize efforts and results

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2. Get to know the employee’s progress

3. Celebrate an employee’s departure and many years of service

4. Recognize ideas and action, even in the event of failure

5. Encourage employees to pick themselves up after failure

Recognition in remote work modeManaging your employees remotely has its share of drawbacks, most notably the difficulty of employee exchanges and social isolation. In order to work effectively remotely, managers must demonstrate prowess with regard to human resources, to strengthen the collective bond and nurture the motivation of their teams.

In the office as well as remotely, recognition is a defining component of employee well-being. Most of the tips above can be applied, but be aware that some digital tools allow you to learn about your employees’ efforts in a virtual way. Fill in the blanks in face-to-face interactions and show your gratitude to your subordinates with these tips:

1. Create a formal platform for recognition
To recognize your employees’ efforts, but also to let them get to know each other, offer to use an official recognition platform like Applauz. It will help you create a dynamic and motivating corporate culture for your remote teams.

2. Use default thank you messages automatically
Spontaneously congratulate and thank your employees through a thank you card platform like Thank You Machine. Fun and entertaining, these virtual cards will highlight your employees’ working day.

3. Schedule a one-on-one video conference with each employee
To value everyone on your team, it is important to be available and attentive. To do this, organize one-on-one virtual meetings on a regular basis. These personal exchanges are ideal times to highlight the efforts, results, and contribution of each employee. Don’t forget to seek their advice and experience in order to get to know their skills and working practices.

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4. Highlight individual and group achievements during virtual group meetings
During virtual team meetings, plan a moment to highlight the extraordinary efforts and accomplishments of the group, but also of each of your employees. It will not only motivate each individual but also encourage appreciation among colleagues. Also, be sure to encourage the active participation of every employee. You can do this by asking your employees to help shape the agenda and making sure everyone has the opportunity to speak during meetings. This will foster a sense of responsibility and contribution within each member’s team.

5. Create a space for informal exchanges
Existential recognition of employees is largely done through informal exchanges. To compensate for the lack of happy hours and social activities outside of a professional context, you can create a virtual space for a coffee break. To do this, all you have to do is schedule a Zoom event in recurring mode and open access to the meeting before the presenter. Virtual happy hours are also good ways to encourage casual interactions with your employees.

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