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How to Improve Concentration Skills

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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We often hear complaints about not being able to concentrate or keep our attention for a long time. We’ve heard things like “when I do lessons, I often get distracted, I perceive poorly, because my brain thinks about other topics, I can hardly learn lessons and remember…”

Let’s try to understand how we can improve our ability to concentrate. 

Concentration and attention retention are important skills that allow you to study and work effectively. 

To begin with, our brain is prone to multitasking solutions, which means it tries to work on various problems at the same time. As a result, we are unintentionally distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on a single thing. Especially when we hear the phone or television from the side, receive a message, or get excited about new opportunities at and feel the urge to try them. 

How to focus on one job and keep concentration

If you can’t choose which specific problem to focus on, then you can use the following three-step method of increasing personal efficiency. It is called The two-list method.

  1. The first step is to make a list in which you specify 20-25 problems or goals that you must complete within a certain period of time.
  2. Then you need to look through this list and select the five most important goals or main tasks. So you’ve got two lists, one (A) with the five most critical goals and the other (B) with the remaining twenty.
  3. After orientation, you should focus on list A, which has tasks that are prioritized, and leave list B.
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You should avoid doing anything in the second list, until you reach the 5 main goals or tasks, because they are urgent.

This method forces you to make a rather difficult decision and highlight the most important, leaving other problems that are also important, but are not a priority.

To maintain concentration, it is recommended to consider two rules:

1. Measure the results

Attention is often lost due to lack of feedback. Naturally, our brain needs to make sure whether the problem has been solved. 

Try to analyze and make sure that your work gives results. If we accurately measure this result and trace what happened, we can conclude that we have succeeded. And this is a powerful motivating circumstance.

For example, I count how many hours of workout I’ve been doing in a day and feel how strong I’ve become. Or, when I started tracking how many pages I read in a day, I was able to read more books. 

And most importantly, the problem you were following remained in the center of your attention. 

2. Evaluate progress, not performance indicators

To keep your attention, it is very important to focus on the work process․

Usually people perceive success more as the final result that you achieve and end your efforts.

For example,

  • health as an event for which a person strives to lose 10 kg, and as a result have a good physical condition.
  • art as a social event: putting on an exhibition, and when the artist’s paintings are displayed in a large gallery, he becomes famous. 

Thus, focusing on results and goals is important, but focusing on progress produces better long-term results.

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