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Mario Party Superstars: Nostalgic Party Quiz!

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I have good and less good memories with the franchise Mario Party. In fact, if quality gaming has almost always been there, they cost me some Nintendo 64 consoles and almost broke some friendships in the process! Today, Nintendo suggests going back to that time with Mario Party Superstars, in honor of the popular series that could have more brilliantly celebrated the famous and colorful Nintendo franchise.

  • Available on: Nintendo Switch
  • Prize: $79.99 + txs

memories of youth

Mario Party Superstars Nothing more and nothing less than a tribute to the old games of the franchise Mario PartyIn particular, the first three titles released on the now defunct Nintendo 64. Once again, the Mushroom Kingdom is looking for the great star who can win the most stars in each given spin. Moreover, the game does not fail to remind us of its origins as the characters allude to the ancient stars who conquered each plateau. You can also see here and there photos directly imported from the first three Mario Party.

If you have any idea about the franchise Mario Party, you will be on the ground on familiar ground with Mario Party Superstars. The principle remains the same: hit one or more dice to advance on the board. The goal is to collect the most stars by finding some of them or exchanging your 20 pennies. Each board consists of a variety of chests and events that will allow you to modify the board, collect money, use items, etc. At the end of each round, a mini-game will face the characters so that the winner can collect coins.

It is this element that Mario Party Superstars takes his name. In fact, the term stars It does not refer to the characters, but rather to the hundreds of mini-games that are included. Instead of offering original mini-games, Nintendo has analyzed all the games in the franchise until Super Mario Party. Continued to pull off 100 of the most loved mini-games by fans Mario Party To make sure that intro is fun.

As a result, you will be entitled to a set of excellent mini-games whose diversity is matched only by the entertainment you get from them. I’ve had so much fun replaying these dozens of mini-games that I’ve tried across four generations of Nintendo consoles, and you’ll almost certainly be happy with your pick of the mini-games made by the company. Sure, the company could have included more, but in the end, the presentation of the mini-games is very satisfying.

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a Mario Party more traditional

Because this is a tribute to excellence Mario PartyAnd Mario Party Superstars It goes back to the good old recipe for games in the series. Therefore, Nintendo deliberately excluded some options that were not unanimous in the past. For example, there are no longer companions or dice for each character. While you can always buy items that can give you obvious advantages in the game, removing items that can give dishonest rewards to certain characters is welcome.

Moreover, unlike Super Mario PartyNintendo has not included any mini-games that take advantage of motion detection. So all the actions of the characters can be performed by very simple button operations. This decision may limit access to the game, especially for younger children who only had to move their arms and hands to play the game. Super Mario Party. By contrast, the controls are so simple and intuitive in all the mini-games that any player can get past them without a hitch. In the worst case, simulations are available in real time before each mini-game so that you can familiarize yourself with its mechanics. So, fear not: there will always be fun for young and old alike!

New modes and new options to do Ceremony !

If, in the past, games Mario Party were positioned on the game boards, Mario Party Superstars It diversifies the experience by offering new and exciting options.

For Mario Party mode, you can play on one of the five boards shown. Each of them offers its variants as well as an increasing level of difficulty. Unsurprisingly, although you can play it alone, the real fun of this mode is when you play with friends. You can now play in the same room or online with other players. Even better: it is possible to pause the game at the end of the turn and then resume where it left off. These options may seem trivial for a multiplayer tabletop game, but their absence has been felt in other games, so it is more than appreciated that they are included by default in Mario Party Superstar.

Another particularly interesting option: the additional customization of our parts. like others Mario PartyIf they are controlled by AI, you will be able to select the number of turns and the difficulty of your opponents. Went, Mario Party Superstars It will now allow you to choose some mini-games. Do you only want certain types of mini games? Do you want to play only mini-games from the Nintendo 64 era or the GameCube era? Would you, like Timbits at Tim Horton’s, prefer a mix of everything? You can choose the option that suits you best in order to have the most fun games possible!

In addition, if you just want to play mini games, then Mont Mini-jeux is waiting for you. The latter will give you the opportunity to play mini-games for Mario Party Superstars without having to pass through the long sections of the plateau. Again, you’ll have the freedom to choose certain types of mini-games like sports or puzzles, or play whatever you want. In other words, Mont Mini-jeux is a free mode that allows you to enjoy our favorite mini-games without worrying about setting up boards.

Nintendo has also included a brand new store as well as a new encyclopedia. This way, you will keep the coins after your games and they will be used to buy items in the shop in the main menu. Character sheets, music, player card customization options, and more await in your encyclopedia. The game also has some very challenging objectives to achieve that will give you both offline and online rewards. However, it’s a shame that some of the items to unlock aren’t the most embodied, including character sheets that only contain secondary information when it would be interesting to be able to read tales about a world Mario Party.

In the lack of pawns

Although it is an undeniably effective, engaging, and fun tribute, Mario Party Superstars It contains some fairly large gaps. In fact, the majority of these are about content.

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In fact, the proposed boards may be among the top three boards Mario Party, the fact remains that it can be counted on the one hand. With only five boards, we quickly got around to the game boards, especially since the first board from Yoshi’s world is linear and forgettable compared to the others. With the amount of trays in the series, including those found on the Nintendo 64’s shutters, Nintendo could certainly have added more.

On the other hand, the number of characters is disappointing. From twenty in the last opus, we reduced the number to ten. Definitely the most popular characters in the franchise Mario They exist, but we would have liked more, even if it meant being able to unlock at least a few. Hopefully, Nintendo won’t use this shortcoming to sell characters in downloadable sets.

In the end, it’s not unique Mario Party Superstars, but no file chat The sound interferes with the multiplayer game greatly. Nintendo has added some cute new stickers to illustrate our feelings during games, but that doesn’t replace the online voice chat atmosphere. Unless you’re using your phone to talk through a device other than a Nintendo Switch, you’ll once again mourn this absence on a Nintendo console.

Should you play it?

Mario Party Superstars Reissue and at the same time pay tribute to the old Mario Party. If the fun we get from it is undeniable due to the excellent selection of mini-games and the obvious technical improvement, the fact remains that the game could have been more than it is. We could even have made more boards and characters in order to offer more than just a game that might, after all, be too cautious in its nostalgic fibres.

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