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How to watch all Netflix content around the world with a VPN

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Did you know that one can access the entire catalog of shows and movies on Netflix globally? With a VPN, one can actually connect to servers in other countries and watch content that is not available in our country. We tell you how.

Netflix is ​​full of content to keep us entertained. Only, we may have gone beyond what interests us or on the contrary, we have not found enough content to interest us.

Well, with a VPN, you can significantly expand the list of Netflix content, since the catalog varies from country to country.

Each country has its own broadcasting rights according to the different online streaming platforms. In country X, the software is available on one platform and in country Y, it is available on another.

In short, by using a VPN that hides our IP address, we can therefore connect to a specific country and take advantage of the local Netflix catalog.

Enough to make our Netflix subscription, but also our VPN, more profitable!

The catalog of shows and movies on Netflix is ​​much larger when using a VPN.

Steps to listen to Netflix in another country with a VPN

The principle of watching Netflix content from another country with a VPN is very simple.

In our example, we’re showing you NordVPN, but it can also be with ExpressVPNAnd Private Internet AccessAnd CyberGhostDoesn’t matter, the principle is the same.

However, note that if you have a free VPN or a suite of antivirus protection provider, you may have a data and/or speed limit unlike the above examples. In short, by listening to video content, we can quickly reach our limit if we have one or are limited by our VPN download speed.

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So, first, we have to connect to our VPN and then select the server we want to connect to from which country.

In our case, we will take France as an example. So, we press France to call her.

NordVPN France server connection

We must first connect to the server of the country of our choice via our VPN.

Next, we will open a window for our web browser and go to

It is very important that you are not already connected to your account on your browser, otherwise it may not work. So you have to disconnect from Netflix beforehand and reconnect afterwards.

When we get to Netflix, we will notice that at the end of the URL we see which country we are in. Whether it is /ca for Canada, /fr for France or /for Italy, in short, we understand the principle.

Netflix URL Various Countries VPN

We can see that we are of course Netflix for a specific country by looking at the end of the URL.

Then just sign in to your Netflix account. You don’t need to have a local account, because ours is international.

Then we unsurprisingly find ourselves in the same interface as Netflix, only to note that it’s not the same content!

Now it’s up to us to find a movie or show that we want to watch and can’t access on our Netflix.

Which VPN to choose? Our reviews and comparisons of the best VPNs

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