I rode for months with two bodies in the trunk

Police in Baltimore, in the eastern United States, announced on Friday the arrest of the bodies of two young children in the trunk of her car, making the shocking discovery during a routine traffic stop.

Nicole Johnson, une résidente de la cité portuaire âgée de 33 ans, a été inculpée notamment pour “mauvais traitement ayant entraîné la mort” de sa nièce et son neveu, une fille de sept ans et un an garçon decise 5 statment.

According to the newspaper Baltimore SunShe had put her niece’s body in her trunk in May 2020, locked it in a suitcase, and continued to use her car normally. A year later, she added the boy’s body in a plastic bag this time.

On Wednesday evening, police arrested her because she was driving too fast and had no official papers. “I don’t care, I won’t be here in five days,” she replied to the agent who informed her that her car would be impounded, “I’m going to make my front page.!”

His sister had entrusted him with the two children in 2019. She confirmed during her interrogation that her niece died because her head hit the ground under her blows, but she did not provide an explanation for her nephew, according to the newspaper.

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