“I still have my place” – Annick Dumont

Anick Dumontet will soon begin his thirteenth season at the helm of “Roue de fortune”, where it will once again delight many people across Quebec. On the eve of her fiftieth birthday, the host is feeling comfortable with herself and proud of the choices she’s made in her personal and professional life.

Ennick, your work as a facilitator at “Roue de fortune” allows you to make people happy and change their lives every year. How do you live this?

When I look at my existence from afar, I tell myself that I never thought I would live this way. Imagine: I have a fun and unusual job. When you choose your profession, do not imagine that you will move the “wheel of fortune”! I have a chance to meet people who are not artists and they will earn money. If only you knew how enriched it is! I am lucky.

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You are somehow a happiness merchant!

Yeah! And it’s fun to know that these people will remember this moment for a very long time. I always wonder how the person next to me feels 30 seconds before I spin the wheel, because they’re less than a minute away from knowing if they’re going to be a millionaire. I tell myself I like to feel their stress level. I can feel the excitement, they tell us about their needs and we see the dreams they fantasize about. We relate to them. There are those who want to fulfill a dream that they have cherished for a very long time. For others, it will really change their lives, because they need it or because they have been through something very difficult. It’s different for each person. There is a man in Abitibi who has two jobs to support himself. For several years, he has been rebuilding his house. He was so lovable! Every time we go to Abitibi he comes to see us. For him and his family, it sure has changed a lot. We had great excitement that day.

It is true that it changes life to earn a large amount of money!

You know, Daniel, we don’t give 50 million; The largest amount we give out is a million. With 50 million you can really lose your mind and do just about anything. But a million, today, allows you to put your life in the right place!

You are now the official spokesperson for a beauty and hairdressing company…

Yes, La Biosthetique is a beautiful French-German beauty, hair and makeup company. I have a one year contract as a spokesperson. It’s a first for me, and I’m really happy.

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How did you react when you were offered this mandate?

I find it very interesting that the company did not choose, say, a 28-year-old girl. I have nothing against it, but I have told myself that at 50, we still have our place. Women my age are still heavy consumers of hair products. We’ve seen, we’re there, we matter and we’re customers, so it’s worth taking care of ourselves. When we love our appearance, we are happy in life. Sometimes people say it’s superficial, but no; The idea is that it makes you happy. If you don’t need it at all, that’s great. But if you feel like you need a hair product or lipstick, it can help you love your life and feel good and comfortable! It’s like a comfortable pair of shoes: there are some who don’t need them, and some that are just so fun for them. Most of your life hasn’t been played on it, but it’s like cabbage on a gift.

Speaking of happiness, have you ever taken concrete steps to find or regain happiness?

I did when I broke up, left my big house, and made the decision to make a change in my life because I was unhappy. I didn’t tear down, I was just sad. One day, I was in the kitchen and it shocked me: I wondered what I was going to do. I needed to change a relationship that lasted 11 years and had a lot of things in it, including the baby. We were even engaged. The start of thinking was done quietly, because I’m not the kind of girl who changes her mind overnight. I told myself that it was normal for me to have socks and that he would come back. It took me about two years to think about it and tell myself it’s over. In my head, I had to run away and there was a change, because I was getting lost. I was more and more unhappy and didn’t feel satisfied.

Do you think the pandemic has made many women think about their future?

I finally thought about my future when I broke up. During the pandemic, I realized I was on the right track and that my recent decisions were worth it, such as investing in a tiny house and in my land on the south shore. I was glad I didn’t have any financial worries, because I had set a lot of money aside. In the art world, we still consider people with a precarious job. At least when we go to the bank, that’s what we’re told…

Like everyone else, I’ve spent a lot of time at home in recent months…

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When the pandemic started, my teenage son was home a lot. I’m used to working from home, because when I’m not doing the “wheel of fortune” I have a long hiatus when I’m at home. There are people who ask me why I am not working. Because I’m a mother and I don’t need to work anymore. I earn a living. As we were in the midst of a crisis, I wondered what was most important to me, and I realized this was my baby and my home. This is the choice I’ve been making for 12 years. There are a lot of people who have noticed, for a year, that we’ve been living way too fast… Me, it’s been 12 years since I’ve noticed this, and the pandemic has confirmed that all the choices I had were facts good and wise. Over time, I appreciate the stability of my small family life and my cocoon even more. It is precious.

You will soon be entering your thirteenth year of the Roue de fortune program and will turn 50 in December. What do all these numbers tell you?

She says to me, “Oh, how lucky I am!” I’ve been working in TV for 25 years and always worked. I never stopped, even for six months, except for maternity leave. Now I’m on the cusp of turning 50, a time of great change, and I look to the future with much optimism, even if it’s an adaptation. When I was younger, I was afraid of turning 50, but I would have said that in the end, turning 40 was what shocked me the most. Now that I’m 50, I tell myself, “Ben Coddon!” I think we’re lucky, in the time we live in, because there are so many possibilities for 50-year-olds. Yes, we get older and our bodies change, but it is true that we are wiser and accept each other more. I am more satisfied and have fewer complexes over time. Of course we are older, but we wear “comfortable” clothes, do sports and activities outdoors, and feel younger. My grandmother didn’t wear hoodies at 50!

How do you deal with happiness and old age?

Over time, you get to choose which path you want. There are a lot of beautiful American and Quebec actresses who are aging and doing well. Guys get older too, but do they ask a lot of questions? No. I have a very feminist side, and I just want to be good. I don’t want to appreciate my life how old I am. I was 20, 30, 40; Now I’m 50, and I want to be okay where I am. It is our responsibility to be happy, whatever our age. No one can make me happy, no “job” can make me happy. Happiness is a choice we make. That sounds pretty cheesy to say, but deep down, it’s true! The important thing is to work on being good and happy, to accept and appreciate yourself. If we don’t love each other, we have to change something! The same goes for the people around us. There are sometimes people we don’t have the choice to be around, but they make us unhappy. It may then be necessary to organize to see them a little lower. It’s the same with work: you have to do what you want. Happiness is living and taking care of yourself and being happy on the inside.

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Over the years, she always maintains the same silhouette. What are your secrets?

Well, no! I’m like the universe: it’s always expanding! (laughs) I’ve been training my whole life, because I just have to watch a bag of potato chips on TV to get fat! I have to be careful to try to lead a healthy lifestyle. This winter, I thought it was boring when gyms were closed, and like many people, my favorite sport was sitting on the couch watching TV shows and movies. Fortunately there was a skate. I did it with my son because he couldn’t play hockey. Life has recently sent me two beautiful things to make me happy: my contract with La Biosthetique, which started in February, and a contract with coach Jimmy Sévigny to promote GoMatcha tea! So I train using his online training platform, Activation, which allowed me to get back in shape for eight weeks and get a nutritionist. Like everyone else, I had a bit of a fat fit. You don’t have to be a fitness miss, but let’s get moving and try to maintain some movement and a good level of energy. deserve efforts.

For more information on La Biosthetique beauty products: labiosthetique.com. To know more about his activities, follow Enek on his social networks.

“Wheel of Fortune” is back soon!

The “Wheel of Fortune” season will begin with ten studio-recorded shows in 2020 and will be rebroadcast from June 26 to July 25 after “Hi Hello Weekend.” This will be followed by 28 new programs for 2021, which viewers will be able to watch during the week, from July 26 to September 9, after “Sucre Sale”, at the beginning and end of the evening.

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