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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Question: Will the universe die someday?
– Marwa

Reply We know that the universe began approximately 14 billion years ago, but we don’t know how it will end. To be honest, astronomers don’t even know if our universe will truly have an end or whether it can continue in time to infinity. All that is clear is that there is currently no reason to believe that this will happen for billions and billions of years!

There are many theories that have attempted to imagine how our universe will end. For example, since it has been expanding continuously since its inception – which is also called the Big Bang, or “grosboom” in French – some researchers have told themselves that because of gravity, galaxies attract each other and this may eventually put an end to this expansion. . In this scenario, known as the Big Crisis or “Great Crash,” the universe ends up folding in on itself.

Likewise, since the temperature of the universe was infinitely high during the Big Bang and has gradually decreased since then, other astronomers believe that the universe will “freeze”, so to speak, when its temperature gets too close. From “absolute zero” (that is, -273 degrees Celsius, the temperature that indicates the total absence of energy). This is the theory of the Great Freeze, or “Grand Gel” in French.

But it’s all very theoretical, firstly because we don’t know if this will happen, and secondly because it’s so far into the future. To give you an idea, in the Great Freeze scenario, there wouldn’t be any noticeable consequences for tens, if not hundreds of billions of years. Suppose it gives you time to enjoy life …

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