IKEA Canada partners with Project Forest to recreate landscapes in Alberta

“At IKEA Canada, we are committed to improving the lives of local communities and contributing to a greener, fairer and more sustainable future,” said Melissa Barbosa, Director of Sustainability at IKEA Canada. Our partnership with Project Forest supports us in our goal of participating in the fight against climate change and the restoration of important landscapes, while contributing to our ambitions for long-term reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. »

The main objective of IKEA Canada’s contribution is to support the Environmental Reconciliation Project in swan river. Located in the first nations community in swan riverat AlbertaThis project aims to restore the local landscape by reintroducing traditional food and plant species to the area and giving community members the opportunity to use their lands in traditional ways. Information and key results achieved during the project will also be shared with other First Nations communities by Alberta and on Canada.

“To ensure the sustainability of life on Earth, it is our responsibility to protect our forest ecosystems,” said Mike Tofan, founder and CEO of Project Forest. IKEA Canada support for the project golden ranches The Environmental Reconciliation Project swan river It was phenomenal and will help Project Forest achieve its goal of rebuilding Canadian landscapes, one forest at a time. »

This partnership is part of IKEA Canada’s Indigenous Reconciliation Strategy, which was developed in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call for action 92. Canada Consultation with indigenous communities. Our strategy will be deployed over the next few years and will contribute to an environment in which respect for the rights of indigenous peoples is an integral part of our business.

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IKEA Canada is also committed to fighting climate change through a collaborative, community-based approach and land stewardship, whether it’s our longstanding partnership with Furniture Bank, which facilitates mattress recycling, or our ongoing partnership with Tree Canada, which supports more nationwide reforestation efforts.

In the spring or summer of 2022, IKEA Canada co-workers will have the opportunity to participate in educational sessions and a day dedicated to planting trees in their area, supervised by Project Forest.

About IKEA Canada
Founded in 1943 in Sweden, IKEA is one of the first home furnishing retailers. The company offers a wide range of aesthetic and functional home furnishings at such low prices that most people can purchase them. IKEA Canada is part of the Ingka Group, which operates 389 IKEA stores in 32 countries, including 14 in Canada. Last year, 21.2 million people visited an IKEA Canada store; 236 million people visited fr.IKEA.ca. IKEA Canada works within the IKEA vision to make life better for as many people as possible. The company strives to achieve its vision through local community activities and sustainability initiatives. To learn more about IKEA Canada, visit en.IKEA.ca.

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For more information: Lisa Hoy, Public Relations Manager, IKEA Canada, [email protected]

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