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In Bangkok, a restaurant surfing the flood waters

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Bangkok, Thailand | Nyong eats roast pork in a flooded restaurant on the banks of the Chao Praia, the majestic Bangkok river swelled by flood waters. A boat passes by, climbs on a chair to avoid the wave, and sits down once the danger has passed.

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Titiporn Gutimanon, owner of Chaopraya Antique Café north of the Thai capital, believes his small establishment, already hard hit by the pandemic-related economic crisis, will not withstand the massive floods that hit Thailand at the end of the monsoon.

exactly the contrary. It is now necessary to book in advance to share this unlikely culinary experience.

Tout est parti d’une vidéo postée par Titiporn sur Facebook : des clients mangent sur la terrasse inondée et évitent, en grimpant tout sourire sur les tables et les chaises, les vagues provoquées par les nombreuses embreuses embarcations quire, from the city.

The clip went viral and “the concept quickly spread thanks to word of mouth,” Titiburn told AFP.

“I’m relieved. If I had been forced to stop working again, I would have stopped working.”

About 50,000 restaurants in Bangkok have been permanently closed due to the COVID-19 crisis and numerous travel restrictions, according to the Thai Restaurant Association.

Since September, organizations that own their own property are again allowed to operate on the site.

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It is not easy to operate a partially flooded restaurant.

“You have to make your way to the tables, and clean up all the mud that has accumulated inside at the end of the day,” notes Tittiburn.

Tropical Storm Dianmo caused flooding in about 30 Thai provinces, affecting more than 300,000 homes and killing nine people.

More storms are expected in the kingdom next week.

“The owner has managed to turn these limitations into opportunity,” Neung points out, he should be encouraged before he climbs back into his chair.

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