in pictures | He set his house on fire while trying to get rid of snakes

A homeowner completely destroyed his 10,000-square-foot home by setting it on fire while trying to stem an infestation of snakes.

On November 23, the owner of Dickerson, Maryland, attempted to get rid of pests with smoke, Montgomery County Fire Department spokesman Pete Berenger told CNN.

According to Mr. Piringer, the presence of snakes in this dwelling was a frequent problem for this owner and previous owner.

Coal was used as a heat source to generate smoke, but the briquettes were placed near combustible material, which lit the fire, the spokesperson told CNN.

The fire broke out in the cellar, and quickly spread to all floors.

Screenshot / CNN

Fortunately, no one was home at the time of the fire.

It was a neighbor who saw the smoke and called for help.

Around 10 p.m., 75 firefighters were battling the flames. It wasn’t until the next morning, after several hours of work, that the fire was completely brought under control.

Damage to the home is estimated at over $1 million.

The property was recently purchased at a cost of $1.8 million, according to the public record consulted by CNN.

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