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In pictures | Two policemen rescue a man from a burning truck

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Two Texas police officers have played heroes over the past few days in Austin, Texas.

Officers Eduardo Pineda and Chandler Carrera have been called to intervene in a residential area after calls were made on the 911 to report a truck being burned.

Upon their arrival immediately, the two officers noticed that an unconscious man was in the car. Since the doors were closed, they proceeded to smash the window in order to successfully get the man out of the car.

Two police officers managed to tow him away from the truck, shortly before it was completely set on fire.

The man in question was seriously disturbed by the smoke and taken to hospital, but he was saved thanks to the bravery of the police officers.

The scene, captured with a handheld camera by an officer, was shared by the Austin City Police Department.

Separately, on the same day, Constables Pineda and Carrera enter the scene of the shooting and save one of the victims by pressing his injuries with a tourniquet. The two men were subsequently honored by the police service for their courage and speed in responding to these two incidents, which occurred between them only a few hours.

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