In response to the editorial by Vincent Brusseau Beaulieu | C-10: Ten representatives from Quebec did not stand up for our culture in Ottawa

Pierre Nantel

Pierre Nantel
Former MP for the National Party and official spokesman for the opposition on heritage and culture

Quebec’s rich audiovisual and musical production is the result of the framework policies that emerged in the 1980s. Indeed, radio and television stations in Canada must respect the licence, which requires, among other things, investment and broadcasting in our region. Our TV, Film and Music. And so Quebec’s culture was able to flourish and shine until recent years.

Bill C-10 simply aims to ensure that these same principles apply to services that more and more Quebecers and Canadians are using. And everyone knows that at the moment, unlike our TV and radio stations, there is a tiny amount of exceptional Quebec content on these platforms…

Representing the Longueuil people of Ottawa for 8 years, I have reiterated to the point of nausea the urgent need to work to update this regulation.

Bill C-10, while imperfect according to Minister Stephen Gilbolt himself, was a long-overdue reform.

The Conservative Party leader, Erin O’Toole, and his gang chose instead to intimidate English Canadians about the freedom of speech that the C-10 would have threatened. It was a very excellent topic for fundraising and thus getting party members excited about a very fertile ideological topic in Western Canada. We’re a long way from Brian Mulroney.

But by endorsing this campaign of fear on the C-10 in the Republic of China, following the party line, and ultimately voting against the C-10 Bill, the ten Conservative MPs from Quebec, listed below, have increasingly jeopardized the very existence of Quebec culture. Dominant platforms such as Netflix, Spotify et cie.

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And so ten Quebec MPs deliberately chose to pinch their noses by repeating Tory rhetoric in the rest of Canada, risking our culture.

The first in question is Richard Martel, who, as a Lieutenant in Quebec who supported his party’s block in the Parliamentary Legacy Committee, intentionally chose not to demand a party line or at least a party line. A free vote on this is a matter of our identity, our French language, our culture, for us.

So what will the Chicoutimi-Le Fjords say? Will they remember that Martel helped remove Quebec culture from screens?

And unfortunately the same goes for his predecessor, the former Lieutenant of the Province of Quebec (by the way he was excellent at the time), Alain Reyes who knows very well how much damage this lack of courage had to stand up to. Up and saying that in Quebec, there is no insult to its fellow Anglo-Canadians, cultural quota policies should be combined with new technologies. What a disappointment for the good people of Richmond-Arthabasca that Reyes represents, while the Ottawa Heritage Service estimates lost contributions from web giants at 70 million per month from unregulated operations! The iconic Netflix pact saga, after years of liberal consultations, goes back over 4 years. Roughly, we can estimate the deficit at 3.5 billion!

Eight other Quebec conservatives will also have to contend with this lack of courage.

On the side of the national capital, viewers District 31, from separation or There are people in mass Whoever will be bored with the television in which he finds himself will be able to blame Pierre Paul Huss and especially Stephen Blaney, who sat with me on the Parliamentary Heritage Committee, cannot plead ignorance.

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Deception or strategy? Note that Gerard Deltell did not vote on Bill C-10. Not against, but not for… Not strong.

What will the inhabitants of the beautiful regions of Quebec, Portneuve, say to their deputy, Joel Godin, or the deputies of Pas du Fleuve, Monmagné-Camorasca Rivière du Loup who elected Bernard Genéro. The people of Beauce with Richard Lehoux and also of Mégantic-L’Érable with Luc Berthold were not left out, while the latter joined me no later than two years later, for Netflix apologies…

These 10 Conservative MPs voted against our screen stories! Even Yanny Gord’s little cousin from Tampa Bay Lightning, Representative Jack Gord, would have contributed to the job and his friend’s weekly show frominfomanJean Rene Dufort!

While we more than ever wish to hear the voices of indigenous peoples, as we continue to talk about the decline of the French language, especially among the younger generations who only know these platforms, (is there no obvious link?) what irresponsibility! What a filthy partisanship at the expense of our common interest.

Let’s hope that the Quebec motto will return to the head of Quebecers during the upcoming elections: “I remember” … of my culture.

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