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In the following world, former Daft Punk is still ahead in masks

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Solo album, production for others, film or video game soundtracks: “Everything is open” by two members of former duo Daft Punk, who always “tend to appear where we don’t expect them”, described to France Press experts of the group.

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“No one has managed to get to their heads: it’s hard to penetrate robotic helmets,” Patrice Pardo, one of the biblical signatures, told AFP. Electrorama, 30 years of French electronic music (Marabout).

Yves Pigott, co-author, agrees with Michelle and Camille Goujon from Daft Bank – Incognito (Archipelago).

Nobody sees them stop, anyway. Poussé par l’AFP à filer la métaphore de deux robots qui disparaissent pour devenir des étoiles, Jean-Michel Jarre, figure tutélaire de l’électro, a rebondi: “Non, les étoiles, ce sont des astres que l’on voit quand they died. They are alive and well and will continue their careers. “

Are they going to go through the solo album box? This usually happens with French touch duets, such as Air members, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dinkel, who are involved in many personal projects. Gaspard Auggie’s album Half justiceAs announced by the specialized press.

behind the camera?

Patrice Bardot has been portraying, for the former Daft, “Then it really fits into the previous”, since their last album RAM (2013, driven by success Be lucky), “Take care of themselves.”

Thomas Bangalter, 46, actually signed the soundtrack to the Jaspar Noi films, while Jay Manuel de Homem Christo, 47, worked with Charlotte Ginsburg and produced Sebastian Teller.

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“Yes, they have already produced for others, but between music for cinema and video games or animated films, there are many possibilities, not forgetting that the cinema also concerns them behind the camera,” continues Yves Pigott.

The little video that announces their split up on Monday is taken fromElectrum A fictional film produced in 2006 with the helmet. “Would there be the same hysteria about a project by Bangalter or Homem-Christo? Not sure, it was the two’s alliance that made this impact, you just have to see the announcement of their split: We have the impression that they are dead,” comments Patrice Pardo again.

“Everything is open, I even wonder if there isn’t another album called Conclusion“Yves Pigott laughs. This is the title chosen for an 8-minute clip that went viral on Monday, at the end of 28 years of collaboration.

“They will keep hiding.”

Could they, like Sebastian, another actor with a French twist, make the voices for modeling? “They will be drawn to projects where they will have a lot of independence, because they don’t need the money, nuance Patrice Pardo. They tend to appear where you least expect them.”

Yves Piguet emphasizes this fact, “It is difficult to integrate when we talk about French artists: they are stars on the surface of the planet, protected from the need for generations.” “With their awe, the people who would ask of them would necessarily say yes,” he explains. Who can turn them down? Spielberg, Coppola? And again, Sofia Coppola had an Air for a soundtrack, the father might want the clip above (laughs). “

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Jean-Michel Jarre would be “absolutely happy to work with one or the other”.

Whatever happens, Patrice Pardo says, “they will not change their policy, they will remain invisible.” Yves Pigott doesn’t see “one of them becomes a juror on the show. the sound (Laughs) “Jay Manuel is shy anyway, he’s the least spoken in the interviews, and Thomas is not going to be David Guetta,” he continues.

“Nothing prevents them, later on, from reforming,” concludes Yves Pigott. “There are many examples in the history of music.” The rumor machine about Daft Punk is still going strong.

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