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Indian alternative: “He is our staunch enemy”

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is increasingly concerned about the possibility that the alternative is vaccine-resistant. The Indian alternative, largely responsible for the catastrophic situation unfolding in this country, is under investigation.

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“The more people are infected with it, the more likely it is that new viruses will be produced that adapt,” said retired virologist Jacques Labier, in an interview with LCN on Sunday.

With a very dense population, India presents ideal conditions for the development of a very robust variable.

“There is currently a variant, and it is called the Indian variant because it was found in India. The specialist remembers that it is a variant with two mutations and appears to be easier to transmit, but it will also be more resistant to the current vaccines.

The retired virologist explained that the ineffectiveness of vaccines against this variant has not yet been proven, but it poses a very high risk.

Jacques Labier admitted: “From now on, even when he is classified under investigation, what I recommend is that we consider him our worst enemy, even if he is no worse than anyone else.”

Currently, it is isolated in 21 countries. Is isolated in Canada. Cases are found in Mauricie near Trois-Rivières. I’ve been looking at Mauricie two weeks ago and saying “What’s going on?” Ultimately it appears to be very stable, Mr. Labier said.

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He also indicated the continuation of safety measures such as washing hands, wearing a mask and staying away despite vaccination to reduce the transmission of the virus.

The virologist said: “We do not want this alternative to spread. There are measures that have been taken, but I think it will be a disaster if this alternative ends elsewhere.”

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