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INFO JDD. A group disclosed in HEC as the English variant flame; Confined students

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10:00 AM Jan 24, 2021 Revised 11:13 AM Jan 24, 2021

After 19 cases were detected Coronavirus disease Among the HEC students, part of which are from the English variant, an extensive screening was conducted on Saturday at the Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines) campus in order to enumerate this group. The provincial health agency, which was initially scheduled to conduct extensive testing at the start of the second semester, was working hard on Saturday in the school’s gymnasium. From 9 am to 6 pm, just over 600 students came to undergo a PCR test. Director-General Elwik Perach, appointed on 18 January, warned them via email on Friday: “The local health authorities are expressly asking you not to leave the campus before Sunday, before receiving all your test results and to“ make sure you are not contagious. ”

Affected students will be isolated for a period of fourteen days

Of the 1,000 or so students who were accommodated recently – as opposed to 1,650 students – some are currently on leave. But the others, especially those following the same program as the 19 injured students, are still around, stranded in their place at the moment. The first cases were announced at the end of last week.

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It is difficult at this point to know the exact origin of the epidemic focus. Like all major schools, HEC Paris’s 4,000 students currently have almost only distance learning. “With the exception of a small number of courses in small groups for students who just arrived in January, with the exemption from the university administration,” the foundation says. U restaurants have been closed and replaced with outdoor meals. Single rooms.

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HEC Paris, concerned about health security, last September required that all students submit a negative PCR test less than 72 hours before reaching the 138 hectares of campus.

Facing the group, the general manager appealed to everyone’s civic sense, and invited students to audition, even those who had been tested recently. His internal email concluded with this disturbing message: “The local health authorities have assured us that if the variable spreads, incarceration will be inevitable.” Test results are expected on Sunday evening. Affected students will be isolated for a period of fourteen days.

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