Infrastructure and social reforms | Nine Democrats threaten to block Biden’s plans

(Washington) The rebellion of nine elected officials from Joe Biden’s party has frustrated America’s carefully designed twin goal of advancing two massive investment plans, one in infrastructure and one in social reform.

These nine Democratic, moderate parliamentarians sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi on Friday, threatening to completely derail the strategy developed by the powerful House Speaker.

Faced with the challenge of appeasing the moderate and progressive thrust of his party, which has a slim majority in Congress, at the same time.I Pelosi had planned to vote at the end of August on the budget bill that would pave the way for the massive $3.5 trillion program of social reforms. A vote will take place before this same room approves the $1.2 trillion infrastructure renovation plan.

The Senate this week approved the infrastructure plan, which garnered the support of elected Republicans, a landmark victory for Joe Biden.

M maneuver.I Pelosi aims to reassure progressive Democrats, who fear support for the legislative social component will decline if an infrastructure vote is held first.

But in their letter, the nine members of the House of Representatives took that timeline back and clearly warned that they would refuse to give their approval for the budget before the infrastructure plan, which guarantees jobs and economic growth prospects, is approved.

In their letter, they justified: “The livelihoods of American workers are at stake, we simply cannot afford months of unnecessary delay.”

Nine votes is more than enough for M to lose its majorityI Pelosi finds herself threatened by members of her camp.

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