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iOS 16 can provide virtual credit cards in Safari to protect your data

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The latest iOS 16 beta reveals a new feature that Apple hasn’t announced yet. Indeed, the update mentions the ability to use a “virtual card” to replace your bank card on Safari, to mask the real numbers. This method is already used by many banks to improve the security of their customers’ data.

Credits: Apple

iOS 16 It already promises to be full of interesting new features. In addition to its features that aim to make life easier for users, such as the ability to Bypass the captchaApple also want Turn your iPhone into a real wallet. We want proof ID cards in digital format that will join the Maps appbut also a feature that was hidden by the manufacturer until now.

In fact, the latest published developer beta is gradually revealing its secrets, in particular this new option discovered by our colleagues from 9to5Mac. And so it seems that Apple is adding the possibilityUse a virtual carde for online purchases on Safari. Already very popular with traditional banks, they provide Additional card number To the user’s usual bank card in order to better protect this sensitive data.

iOS 16 will protect your bank account details better

Here’s what we can read in the update code: “Make this card available in Safari AutoFill and hide your real card number when shopping online. Keep using your card as usual. When shopping online, it’s now available in Safari AutoFill with your actual card information hidden.” Reminder, Maps actually hides credit card numbers main user.

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So everything indicates that virtual cards will arrive in Safari with iOS 16. However, since Apple has not yet communicated on the matter, it is difficult to say if this feature will be available from launch. FYI, usually only virtual cards allowLimited number of purchases It is only valid on averageOne year maximum.

source : 9to5Mac

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