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Irene O’Toole prepares to rule

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The Conservative leader intends to show that his party is Moderate And that there is no place for the extreme right inside it.

Erin O’Toole has also gone from rhetoric to deeds this week by firing controversial lawmaker Derek Sloan over a donation from someone known for white supremacy.

Mr. Sloan made a lot of mistakes. Lacks judgment. […] We are in the process of preparing to judge, and it was a very important decision for our team., He said in an interview with Behind the scenes of power.

Lessons learned from the electoral defeat

Erin O’Toole also wanted to send a message to Canadian voters. We are in the process [faire grandir] Our movement. […] I will attract experienced and diverse candidates before the next electionsThe head of the formation reassured the governor.

He admits that the recent electoral defeat forced his party to question itself.

We lost the last elections and we have to learn a lesson from them. […] We are an open party and it is important for us to attract more Canadians in the upcoming electionsIrene O’Toole said.

Pale version of the liberal party?

After seeing the door, Derek Sloan accused his former boss of bargaining and wanting to turn his political squad into A pale version of the Liberal Party.

We are not a party like the liberal party because it is left-wing now. We are the only party from the right of center on the political scene and that is why we are currently progressing in Quebec and Ontario.Defend Irene O’Toole.

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In October, Mr. O’Toole said he had a plan to elect 30 Conservative Parliament members in Quebec.

Times face?

During the leadership race, Irene O’Toole defended Derek Sloan, who made controversial comments about the CEO of the Canadian Public Health Agency, Dr. Teresa Tam. Even at that time he was against dismissing the deputy.

Erin O’Toole won the Conservative race in part thanks to supporters of Derek Sloan, whom he co-opted.

The full interview with Erin O’Toole will be shown on Sunday at 11 AM ET on the show Behind the scenes of power, On the RDI and ICI Télé.

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