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Isabel Blaise and Pierre-Luc Bryant bring new life to forgotten songs

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Only when you mention titles like night magic by Catherine Lara O Do you like The life At Boule Noire, songs immediately come to mind. Isabelle Bliss and Pierre-Luc Briant give us a new interpretation of the great classics of popular music.

The actress and musician explained in the show direct The selection of the pieces was made according to the pleasure of their interpretation: What we love and love in the lyrics, what we love in the air, the melodies, but we can transform and take back with our instruments, are a little more folk.

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This exercise allowed them to rediscover songs that had been played thousands of times on the radio and that we no longer hear today: how beautiful you are Written by Mark Lavoine and Catherine Ringer, cold Written by Jacques Heiglin and Brigitte Fontaine real easy Emmanuel, Samba Mambo France Gal.

There are some that we pulled out from mothballs and thought it would be boring to be forgotten. There are younger generations who make them listen.”rainy night” sidewalk blues, […] They will say: But what is this song? However, it is a very beautiful song. We wanted to revisit it to get people to discover it, or to create memories. »

Quote from Isabel Blaise

Isabelle Bliss and Pierre-Luc Bryant, as in the movie

Picture: Artist Material

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for the song if I was By Richard Cocianti, Artists Surprise. They asked Louis, Isabel’s son, and Marie, Pierre Locke’s daughter, to explain the matter. We found that the text is still valid today, when we look at what is happening, climate change, and the future of the young man. It would be very touching, I said to myself, if the voices of children sing something terrible, saying: I will destroy everything and start over. I found it to be a “trash can” somewhere.

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Isabelle Bliss admitted that she was touched when listening to the song. He made me cry, I found him very touching and very cute too. She adds a laugh.

The two artists plan to get back on the road with their project as in the movie With new songs in their luggage

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