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Italy: DAZN, “Sports Netflix”, secures most of the broadcast rights for the football tournament

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The British broadcasting platform takes a big hit with the exclusive broadcast of seven matches every day of the Serie A, for 840 million euros a year during the period 2021-2024. The leaders of the Italian League were tempted to show this budding medium, to the point of leaving it aside by Sky, the historical broadcaster.

A small revolution in Italy touches the sacred “Calcio”, football, which is so popular on the other side of the Alps.

DAZN won most of the tournament’s TV broadcast rights for the next three seasons (2021-2024), an amount that could allow clubs to escape the drastic drop in their income, which has been undermined by the coronavirus epidemic.

840 million a year

DAZN offered 840 million euros annually for two major groups of matches, that is, broadcast 10 matches from every day of the tournament, including 7 exclusively. The show tempted the leaders of the Italian league to an extent Leave it aside Historical Announcer: Heaven. The satellite TV group still hopes to console itself with its final installment: three matches, which it will broadcast jointly with DAZN. Its bid is currently € 70m, but clubs are hoping for a higher bid.

According to the previous decade, Sky It broadcasts 7 matches (for € 780 million per year), and the other three matches DAZN, who already had a foothold in the Italian League, for € 193 million.

What is DAZN, “Sports Netflix”?

Pronounce da-zone. It is a streaming platform, created in 2016 and headquartered in London. In some countries – Canada, Germany, Japan – they are already well established in homes. It’s sometimes called “Netflix in Sports”.

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The monthly subscription, depending on the offers, is between 5 and 11 euros per month. In the absence of sufficiently important mathematical rights, the first steps are timid. But the platform has just launched a development phase in several countries, including France. The group has also applied for French football, during a recent call for bidding after MediaPro failed.

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