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The dream was extinguished by the coalition forces in Montreal

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The CF Montreal season will finally be played on a few millimeters of grass. Two offside goals refused to prevent him from reversing the pace in the last game of the season, Sunday, at Saputo Stadium. Blue Blanc Neuer lost 2-0 to Orlando City and was eliminated from the MLS playoffs.

Jean Francois Teutonio

Jean Francois Teutonio

The decision not to award Rommel Koyoto’s goal to 59NS Minute, when the building was losing 1-0, it will surely haunt the club and the Montreal fans for a long time.

Rudy Camacho moved to the right wing. Skillfully focus the ball. The Honduran top scorer in Montreal was thinking well of a close-range header, but it was, apparently, just offside. Target rejected.

But when the cover aired on the giant screen at Saputo Stadium, the spirits got really hot. Wilfried Nancy could not believe his eyes. He recovered as much as possible on the sidelines. The Montreal players surrounded the referee on the field, before Victor Wanyama, who was captain at the time, came to calm matters by speaking alone to the official.

But nothing helped, despite the insistence of Montreal Eleven reduced to 10 after Rudy Camacho was sent off in the 80’s.NS Accurate. The French defender received a red card immediately after a difficult intervention.

Orlando puts in a superb shot from Gigson Sebastian Mendes at 55NS Accurate. His shot from outside the left of the penalty area, well articulated, will lock into the right corner of goalkeeper Sebastian Brezza’s net.

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at 86NSDaryl Dyke was 2-0 to the visitors with a one-on-one shot against Sebastian Briza. He sealed the result of the match, the result of which allowed the Lions to take sixth place in the East and a place in the playoffs.

The guards point to each other

Montreal FC started the match by accepting pressure from Florida. Orlando’s best luck came at 12NS 1 minute full free kick in front of the penalty area. Sebastian Briza excelled by dashing to his full left. As he stood, he celebrated his pause with the crowd, raising his arms. The match intensified.

The locals quickly recovered. in the 16NS In the minute, Sanusi Ibrahim came close to making a nice offensive climb just inches from the net, but seemed to stumble with the ball when he picked it up. Saputo Stadium can’t believe it. As for.

The Montreal attacks came in a wave of the moment in this first period. But without return. Joaquin Torres, who was left alone in the penalty area, was frustrated by a superb save from Pedro Galeese on 21NS Accurate. in 39NS, Al-Senussi Ibrahim believes that he recovered from his failure, but his goal was rejected on the grounds of offside. Montreal residents accepted this decision better than the one that followed.

With this score, CF Montreal goes to 10NS In the eastern standings, with 46 points.

The Major League Soccer playoffs will begin Saturday, November 20 after the international break.

The Ultras are back outside Saputo Stadium

“They need to unite all supporters.” This is the message the ultras wanted to pass on on Sunday, by appearing near Saputo Stadium.

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The Ultras have been banned from Division 132 since early September, after the club cited “security issues” at the time.

But the news last Tuesday that team boss Kevin Gilmore was stepping down broke part of the wall of discontent with fan groups.

The Ultras invited the groups 1642 MTL and 127 Montreal to join them in showing their support for their influence.

Sebastien Ole of the 1642 MTL group commented, “I’m with their march which means ‘Gilmore Out,’ who also indicated that he wanted to speak only for himself, not on behalf of his group. I didn’t agree with all the decisions that were made. It divided the supporters rather than uniting them. I hope the next president who will be there, his goal is to bring everyone together with one voice.”

“They will have to find a way to satisfy their most loyal base as possible,” adds Ultra Maxime Turpin.

They were assembled in the car park of the Pierre Charbonneau Centre. A few minutes before the start of the match, they sang songs known to regular players at Saputo Stadium.

“A lot of things have been said about us and they are far from the truth,” Maxime Turpin says. When you see people here, they are not bad. ”

He points to his colleagues, huddled around a barbecue, beer in hand and scarves around his neck.

Sébastien Ouellet, from the 1642 MTL collection, Nuance.

Are they as white as snow? I do not think so. As much as the management will have to recognize certain things, the ultras will have to look at themselves in the mirror. ”

“I wish they would come back, Ultras.” In 132, there are individuals who are not ultras. Hmm, I find it boring that they are no longer there. There are ultras as such. […] I would like them to be able to say ‘we will be back, and we will respect the written rules’. And I’d like the effect – or the future noun, if it goes on – to say: “That’s what they stick to.” And say it publicly. ”

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