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Jeannette Reno’s daughter gives an update on her cancer

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Live on Instagram, Natacha Watier took a few minutes to return to her shocking announcement last week.

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who revealed that she had uterine cancer wanted to reassure her fans.

“I wanted to take a few days after the announcement I made on social media. I didn’t want to scare anyone. That wasn’t the point. On the contrary, it was just a mention of where I made, a little bit, at the stage of my life, Watier launched Since the beginning.

“Right now, what I know is that I have a cancer that will be removed quickly and easily. It’s localized, it’s stage 1. And then, it’s taped in time. Faque is like, big operation, we remove all of that and we don’t talk about it anymore. Check, It’s over! We don’t talk about it anymore!” she says, confident of emerging victorious from her battle against the disease.

She admitted then that she doesn’t feel like having surgery at all, and that she thinks that’s the “boring” aspect of surgery, but at least she cherishes herself knowing she was able to detect cancer quickly by passing his gynecologist’s PAP exam.

Positive, she says that she is not afraid of illness, but does not want to suffer.

She also takes a few moments to thank her followers, who have given her so much comfort since last week’s announcement.

“Thank you very much everyone, from the bottom of my heart! Put some, not nearly! For all the words of encouragement, beautiful words of love, love spell!”

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In a funnier moment, she also made it clear that, when she posted it, she didn’t know what media coverage it would take.

“Me, sometimes I forget I’m the daughter of Jeannette Reno, you know. I roll my bumps, I do my life, my work… then I act like… wouin… it probably wasn’t a good idea to put that on the nets. But it wasn’t I have a choice in a certain way, because it is something that is not hidden,” she notes frankly.

Natasha Water then concludes her livestream by heartily thanking her fans and thinking about the people who, like her, are currently battling cancer.

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