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JL. Floss: “An odd look at science”

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Jean-Louis Vilos has always had his head in the clouds. Doctor of Dynamic Meteorology, and has held management positions in research organizations (CNRS, CNES and Ifremer), with a special interest in oceans and climate. He published several books on the climate issue for the general public between 2003 and 2014.

Where did the idea for this festival come from?

She participated several times in the Astronomy Festival in Flérence in Jersey. This village of 6000 people receives 10,000 people every year, who pay to listen to conferences or specialized courses, sometimes at a very high level.

I had the idea to develop something similar in the field of earth sciences. I have always believed that there are also things to be explained and learned about about the planet Earth on which we live… Our festival could also be called “Living Planet”.

What can you tell us about this first edition?

We want to create a place to exchange and share knowledge in a fun and festive environment, sometimes with an offbeat look at science and the environment. The program will combine purely scientific topics with cultural activities that integrate part of the knowledge about the relationships between man and the environment.

There will be very entertaining things: a breakfast with an astronaut, an improvisation combining theater and knowledge, a very funny show “De la sexualité des orchids”, a cinema with a film showing on the opening evening … and even a special meeting with a world-famous person: Claudie Henry.

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Who is the target audience for this first festival?

As wide as possible! We want to reach both adults and children. Moreover, we also organize activities for schools, colleges and high schools: a traveling exhibition entitled “Biodiversity and Climate: You are now ready!” And the passage of CNES Spatiobus in schools that request it. And all festival activities will be completely free!

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