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Joel Bouchard: Time to move on to the next challenge?

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If he focuses first and foremost on his day job, Laval Rocket coach Joël Bouchard doesn’t live in a cave either. He realizes that his name is being traded among those who may soon secure a position behind a team bench in the National Hockey League.

Transcript of a transcript published Thursday on the NHL website placing Quebec first among potential Major League Soccer coaches at Pitman Circuit.

Bouchar admitted, when asked about this text, during a press statement on Friday, “My friends and relatives sent it to me via text message. I did not read it, but I saw the title.”

Then he said, “Me, my goal is always to surpass myself.” I’ve never given up on a challenge, and if I’m in a situation where I don’t want more challenges, I’m not going to give up on hockey. If I am not ready for the challenge, I will just quit and make room for someone else. “

In other words, Joelle Bouchard is listening, but he wouldn’t make the mistake of saying he’s targeting the NHL in the short term. Especially since he sees himself replacing Dominic Ducharme one day at the helm of the Montreal Canadiens.

He said, “I want to do my job, and if there is a challenge ahead of me, I will accept it, anyway. I’m not the type to call out left and right and say,“ Hey, can I get a job? ”I haven’t done this before. I am doing my job. If I’m good, I’ll get a job. If I’m not good, I’ll do something else with my life. “

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‘Group relationship’

For now, Bouchard still enjoys the company of Rocket, the ages 5-2-22. Faced with the interest he personally arouses, the coach wants to emphasize the work of his players, as well as the work of his assistants Daniel Jacob and Marco Marciano.

“This story is a collective affair,” said the coach. I believe in what I’m doing with the band now. As I’ve said in the past, I don’t have this side of insecurities or doubts. I am happy for my friends when they succeed in the national league, I am happy for everyone. “

Remember rocket players?

While awaiting a transfer to the NHL himself as a coach one day, Bouchard says some Rocket players could be called up by CH when the season nears its end with his Major League club club on May 17th.

He pointed out that “for the national league team, there is usually always the group that will come and help in the qualifiers,“ aces. ”This year, the reserve team is still in place at the present time. [avec le CH]. Now to see what the Canadian decides, Mark [Bergevin] And Dominic [Ducharme] They will do what they have to do, but we still have young people who have done well this year. “


Souvenir has little value

Without holding the NCAA playoffs, Laval Rocket wouldn’t have a chance to fight for the Calder Cup. Instead, the team would eventually be awarded the Frank Mathers Cup for its dominance over the Canadian division.

“I didn’t even know,” Rocket Head Coach Joel Bouchard admitted about the cup.

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In this season marked by COVID-19, Bouchard has cemented himself differently, that is, by seeing many of his players advance during this short campaign.

“Of course, we focus on winning all the matches,” he said, referring to the team’s goals at the end of the season and there were only seven games left.

Among the players, striker Alex Bilzel joined the coach’s words.

“It is definitely disappointing that there will not be a playoff game, but it will only be postponed, he indicated, realizing that the Major League Soccer is more for developing players. The way we play and with our team, there is great potential.”

“We are all hockey players and we all want to play our very best,” added Bilzel. Even if there are no fans this year and there weren’t playoff matches, we all have something to gain by looking good. “

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