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Kouchibouguac Park is a source of artistic inspiration

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Author Jean Babino was inspired by the controversy surrounding the creation of Kuchibouguac Park.

Photo: Radio Canada / Anne Marie Barento

When the park was established, more than 260 families were confiscated. Activist Jackie Futur, who died in February, struggled to his last breath to express his dissatisfaction with these seizures.

Both her fight and the park have inspired artists. Jackie Futur is mentioned in the song PetitCodiac, From the group Zéro Degré Celsius, composed in 1993. Daniel Léger also talked about it in his song titled Claire Fontaine And Zachary Richard sang Riding Jackie Futur. the film MasabielJacques Savoy is inspired by the activist.

The couple is standing in the kitchen.

Jackie Futur and his wife, Yvonne, in their booth in the Koshebougouac National Park in 2016.

Photo: Radio Canada / Amelie Jocelyn

Documentary films on the history of the park have also been produced by the National Film Board and Jean Bourbonne (Kuchiboguac, In 2007).

Several artists drew inspiration from events related to the creation of the park, notably the sculptor Claude Roussel, the painter Mario Doucet, the poet Claude Le Buthillier, the playwright Jules Boudreau and Emma Hatchi, and Edith Butler spoke of the “ dispossession in his song. Packetville.

The famous 1755 Akkadian group also created the song Kuchibougouac, Who tells the story of this confiscation.

When the epidemic is behind us and is allowing us to travel, here are some cultural activities that are commonly offered in Kouchibouguac National Park.

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Indigenous culture

The area that currently makes up the park has a rich and long history associated with the people of Mekmaks. The name “Kouchibouguac” is also of the origin and meaning of Mikmak A river with long tides or A river advances and becomes part of the forest. Parks Canada explains that the park is located in the Mi’kma’ki hunting and gathering area. The first archaeological remains of the indigenous peoples who lived in the current area of ​​the park and gathered natural resources there date back about 4,000 years. The park includes more than thirty archaeological sites known to indigenous people, Refers to Parks Canada.

Young indigenous woman dances in traditional costume.

Mawiomi event at Callanders Beach in Kouchibouguac National Park

Photo: Matthew and Shera York

Usually, we can attend Mawiomi (A new window) Among the countries organized by Mikmak and Mikmak region. a word Muumi It is derived from the language of the complex and its means gathering. This activity takes place on Callanders Beach. One can attend the smoke cleansing ceremonies, prayers, traditional songs and dances. Many artists present their works and works. We can also hear Stories, legends and stories.

The event does not take place this year.

Artists in Residence

A man and a girl stand in front of the fire, a tent in the background, and another man.

OTENTik Residence will be occupied by ten artists.

Photo: Kouchibouguac National Park

From May 31 to June 9, people visiting the park will have close contact with 10 artists in the residence.

Here are the 10 artists who will occupy oTENTik accommodations in the park:

  • Angela Beck, Visual arts, Textiles, 3D sculpture and drawing
  • Brittany Schuller, Visual Arts, Painting, Charcoal, Collage and Metals
  • Catherine Arsenault, Interdisciplinary Arts, Photography
  • Tara Francis, plastic arts, porcupine thorn embroidery
  • Christina Myers, visual and curator, writing and photography
  • Maryse Arsenault, Visual Arts and Curator, Painting and Movement
  • Starlet Simon, Visual Arts, Mixed Media, Porcupine Spines
  • Jean-Michel Clich, theater, drama
  • Jesse Mia, music, accordion
  • McCarthy High School, literature, poetry
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This multicultural art residence is jointly managed by the Association of Professional Artists du Nouveau Brunswick (AAAPNB), Mawi’art: Wabanaki Artist Collective and ArtsLink NB.

Why in the park? Because it is a housing that eliminates electronic distraction and limits the use of screens and technological devices.

Perfect your photography skills

The teardrop-shaped dwellings are connected to the ground by a footbridge.

This construction is called gout by Selvao Conception, the French company that designed it. Parks Canada changed the name, which is better said in English and French, while respecting the theme of water. This housing is hung or placed on the floor or on stilts. Living area of ​​6 m 2.

Photo: Veyron’s son

Throughout the year, the park allows people who want to test their photography to do so.

Parks Canada highlight the different animals and landscapes that can be photographed each season. In the spring, beavers can be seen giving birth to their young and building their dams and family huts. Along the park’s shores, thousands of migratory birds arrive from the south to nest and raise their young. On the side of the land, black bears emerge from their burrows with their winter-born cubs to feast on fresh herbs and dandelions while the old apple trees of former residents bloom and sprout into the woods.

The heads of the seals barely come out of the water.

Gray seals in Kouchibouguac National Park

Photo: Kouchibouguac National Park

In the summer it is possible to take pictures The largest common Tern colony in Canada, which is located on the Tern Islands in the park. A few meters offshore from the colony, hundreds of gray seals moor along the warm golden sand dunes to soak in the sun.

In the fall, The park’s Acadian forest transforms into a vibrant color palette of red, orange and yellow as moose and deer are in the middle of the mating season. Along the coasts, migratory birds leave by the thousands, full stomachs, towards the south with their young.

In winter, The evergreen trees, trails and frozen rivers of the carpeted garden with snow turn the place into a true winter paradise. Among the white forest landscapes hide songbirds, owls and all kinds of animal footprints, such as moose, deer, hare, fox and wolf.

The boardwalk is reflected in the water as the sky is pink.

Kellys Beach boardwalk at sunrise in Kouchibouguac National Park

Photo: Nigel Veyron

The theater

The park previously offered an open-air theater, allowing visitors to learn more about the Akkadian and Anglo-Saxon cultures that once lived in the Kuchibougouac National Park area.

The theater will not open this year.

The park clearly offers a variety of outdoor activities in all seasons.

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