Johnny Depp, his worst nightmare in 2022, “leaked” his conversations with Vanessa Paradis

For Johnny Depp, 2022 will be marked by his fight with Amber Heard, and his fear will be the disclosure of text messages exchanged with his relatives, including Vanessa Paradis. Justice can go back ten years.

This was also the case with his friend Paul Bettany.

The latter describes in an interview with The Independent a “hate feeling”, when courts read his conversations with Johnny Depp last spring in the context of the case between Johnny Depp vs. The Sun.

β€œI think it is a really difficult topic to bring up,” admits the British actor, who was under the impression that he was adding fuel to the fire.

β€œIt was very strange. It was a strange moment. The strange thing is that you suddenly had one of the most terrifying London newspapers and their lawyers examined the texts that you have been exchanging for the past 10 years,” he said.

“All I can say is that it was an unpleasant feeling,” said Paul Bettany.

And today the fear of Johnny Depp who will find his ex-wife Before the judges in 2020 is that his relatives including Vanessa Paradis will be subjected to the same treatment.

A Hollywood actor’s conversations with his ex-wife and their children can be “public”. nightmare !

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