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just for laughs | Roxanne Bruno, a little nervous, but well surrounded

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On Tuesday, Just for Laughs reveals the guest list for each of the festivals it will be presenting from July 20-23 at Théâtre Maisonneuve. A perfect opportunity to have a conversation with Roxanne Bruno, who, along with Phil Roy, will be in her first animation for such a wonderfully humorous event.

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Dominic Late

Dominic Late

She left school and quit her job. People thought she didn’t know what to do with her life, but Roxanne Bruno had long known that humor would be a huge part of her. And through her funny drawings, uploaded to Instagram and YouTube since 2013, she made herself known for the first time to those who would become her friends.

“I always wanted to be fun. I chose myself as a singer by chance,” said the artist, who had the best performance of the year at the latest Felix Awards. By chance, then, or more accurately, thanks to a song, I feel the antwhich a friend convinced her to put online and which would soon lead her to a record deal.

Despite the sometimes serious topics on which his scripts are measured, laughter will remain at the heart of his shows, always punctuated by beautifully long and shaggy presentations, as well as his podcasts. talk to talk. She was cooperating only last year in Summer is here, the daily newspaper Guy de Temple in Rouge. In short, the thirty-year-old happily sinks each of her ten fingers into different pots.

The fact remains that when she received an invitation from Just for Laughs to lead a party, the girl who wasn’t nervous was still a little nervous. She offered yes as an answer, provided it was Phil Roy, whom she met during an episode of Who can sing? Agree to share the poster with her.

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“I wasn’t trying to do it on my own. And I really like Phil, because when you walk with him, it’s not a formal show at all. I feel like I’m talking to a cousin. But since Phil is a new dad and he’s on tour, I’ve been relying on him a little bit to say it.” No.” Sorry…

Fond of Quebec humor since childhood, Roxanne Bruno was the kind to imitate Priscilla and Roto, by Jean-Michel Antill, in the schoolyard. Often in the car, even today, you listen to excerpts from old numbers by Jane Mark Barnett. Last summer, at a hotel in Quebec the day after a comedy party, Liz Dion came to greet her.

“Even today, I can’t say it again, I am so ashamed. At the other end of the line, you can almost hear Roxanne’s blush.” Liz arrived at my table at lunch and said to me, ‘Hey Roxanne, I’m Liz.’ And I answered her, “Well, yes, that’s for sure, I know you’re Liz Dion!” I don’t remember what she said to me after that, I freaked out a lot. »

The list of participants for the two tours shared on July 21 at 6pm and 9pm by Rox and Philou, however, are not geared towards legends more than the future and will notably bring together Sylvie Turini, Martin Berizzolo, Charles Beuchizon, Bo Ness and Yannick Di Martino.

The musician confesses her special sympathy to three of her guests, beginning with Sam Cyr and Marylene Gendron, whose podcast she religiously listens to. Everyone hates each otherSo is Mona de Grenoble. “Those who know the drag scene know what machines are. It’s time for the humor world to make room for them. We’ll understand that Roxanne Bruno loves comedians who do things their own way.”

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The new honor guard

Phil Roy will not be idle during this festival just for laughs, he, in addition to co-hosting two parties, will be at one of Pierre-Yves Roy Desmaris’ concerts, on July 20, just like Charles Bellerin, Alexandre Forrest, Megan Breuer, Marilyn Gendron, Sam Sir, Sam Boisevert and Pascal Cameron. This alignment, highly geared toward the new comic ranger, is in the picture for both of these great events.

Former residents of Celebrity Big Brother Richardson Zephyr and Eddie King will welcome former roommates Martin Vachon and Trana Wintour on July 22, as well as Mike Baudouin, Louis T, Tanya Dutell, Guillaume Wagner, Charles Brunet and Mabson Sylvain.

On July 23, Rosalie Vilancourt will welcome her friend Catherine Levac and her first fan Jean-Sebastien Girard, as well as Suzy Bouchard, Colin Baudrias, Jean-Michel Martel, Guillaume Wagner, Michel Desrochers, Alexandre Besselon and Anas Hassouna.

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