Sunday, March 3, 2024

Lapage. The virtues of gardening at Basitide Médicis

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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With fine weather, gardeners are reclaiming their rights within Bastide Médicis, Epahd de Labège. The design of its outdoor space now fits perfectly into the treatment project of the facility. Marina, who is currently responsible for the animation, makes sure to improve this area as much as possible, which especially consists of many garden plots, allowing flowers to grow as well as a few vegetable plots. For the team, it is about providing residents with a lively green space that changes with the seasons, in order to create visual and olfactory landmarks. Let us not forget that many of the old people who settled in this residence are former countrymen; Even the peasants are for some, so sensitive to these topics that, no doubt, they evoke flashbacks. Indeed, this kind of activity makes the consensus within Bastide Médicis, motivating one and the other not to lose their green thumb or try to find it! Walking around the house, discussion topics relate to the good health of cultures and gardening techniques in order to be able to find garden vegetables for the occasion. The chef has the requisite talent to amplify the culinary flavors of garden products. In addition, the presence of these constructs makes association with weather and climate problems in general, thus creating an association with the news.

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