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Keeler Yamamoto | 153 Lbs of Talent

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(Edmonton) Saturday’s match between the Canadians and the Blues will see the final featherweight final of the NHL: Kailer Yamamoto in action.

Levranso cloudsLevranso clouds

We watched him go from the heights of Rogers Place in Thursday’s match against Canucks, and he appeared in his number 56 jersey as little Jacob who had yet to achieve his growth spurt at Team Sony.

In the Oilers’ Press Notes, this pick is 1is being The tour in 2017 listed at 5’8 and 153 lbs. Are these numbers recent?

“I think so, but I don’t weigh myself every day!” Replies, in an interview with Journalism. I continue to eat the same way, drink as much water as possible. I don’t want to get too heavy and too light either. I’m still trying to find my weight. ”

At 153 pounds, he’s the lightest NHL skater since 2000, just behind Brett Sane (156 pounds). Paul Byron was listed long ago at 158 ​​pounds, but according to training camp data, the Canadian striker now weighs 165 pounds.

The idol played by Yamamoto was Sydney Crosby, but he also listed little Martin St. Louis, Patrick Kane, and Johnny Godrow among his inspirations. He’s also close to Tyler Johnson, as they’re both from the Spokane area.

The NHL Scouts never doubted Kane despite his short stature, as he was placed first in 2007.

But Johnny Godrow (104e In total in 2011), Martin St. Louis and Tyler Johnson (never formulated) confused the skeptics.

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What was his response as the 2017 draft approached, when the scouts told him how big it was?

“I was always the youngest and that never stopped me being one of the best players in my team over the years. Obviously, once in the NHL, it’s different. But when I was younger, my height wasn’t a hindrance.”

For the record, Yamamoto claimed at 22e Ranked in 2017, three places ahead of the right to talk about Habs, who would choose Ryan Poehling.

Learn to play with the best

We often hear about the difficulty of being the triple companion of the best players in the world.

The topic was especially popular a decade ago, when Crosby was spending his best moments, alongside Chris Konitz and Pascal Dupuy. But the Penguins tried to strike with talented forwards who were more offensive than these two!

Yamamoto is very well positioned to talk about it. His career with the Oilers is a good example that just playing with a superstar is not enough.

In October 2017, when he was 19 years old, he made a place for himself on the camp team. He’s Connor McDavid’s winger, but after nine matches he’s only got three assists, and there were no goals. It is returned to the junior ranks.

• The next season has started in Edmonton. His three most frequent teammates: McDavid, Ryan Nugent Hopkins. After 11 matches, he scored one goal and one pass. He will spend most of the rest of the season in the Major League Soccer.

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The 2019-2020 season has kicked off in Bakersfield, before the holidays are called back. This time, he’s paired with Nugent-Hopkins and Leon Draisaitl, and he’s never going back to the palace again.

“When I played my nine games at the age of 19, I was hesitant. He says I was trying so hard to find MacDavid on the ice. And that led me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. Yes, it’s important to give him passes, but I often gave him passes when he was in a bad position. I told myself that even in bad shape he could play a better game than me.

For a youngster who arrives and plays with one of the best players, he naturally wants to give the disc [à McDavid]. But while playing it, I realized that I must be confident in my strength.

Keeler Yamamoto

“When the NHL calls you again, there’s a reason: This is because we’re able to make games, even if they aren’t always as good as players of this level!”

With this new mindset and its association with Draisaitl, the results were immediate. Last season, he collected 26 points in 27 games, hence his appetite Swimming pools This year, who were aiming for an inexpensive home run. He has three points in two games this season, similarly to Draicetel and Dominic Cahon. On the other hand, McDavid plays with Nugent-Hopkins and Zack Kassian, giving the Oilers two terrifying lines.

In short: behind the scenes of the goal

One of Yamamoto’s three points this season came in a rather great game. It was in the second period Thursday. With only 2.5 seconds remaining, Dave Tippett sends Draisaitl to face into the attack area. Draisaitl asks his coach to send a right-handed striker with him, he can shoot faster because the confrontation is on the right side. Therefore Yamamoto was appointed. Yamamoto returns from Dristel to his left. Seconds before the confrontation, the German told him to approach. “He was just telling me where he thought he would win the showdown. It worked, he sent the disc straight into my stick!” Yamamoto immediately fired the shot, and MacDavid sped straight for the goalkeeper to take the return.

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