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Mahrez, Jasma, Delort: What Belmadi said

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Algeria national football team coach Djamel Belmadi appointed the national press on Monday (May 30th) to participate in the traditional pre-training conference on the eve of facing Uganda and Tanzania in the 2023 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

But this is rare if these two games are mentioned. Overwhelmed by the news of the national team, made up of a loss Riyadh Mahrez For these two games, kicking out some players and summoning seven new items, the case Delort And of course the noticeable aftershocks to exclude the Greens from the race for the next World Cup.

Captain Riyad Mahrez will not be in this camp, officially due to injury, but some suspect a ‘Diplomatic damage’Especially since the photos shared on the web show him on vacation in Marrakech.

Belmadi’s reply: ‘It’s not a deal’And the “bad post” World Health Organization “Do not raise the level of the Algerian journalist.”

The coach confirmed a report from Manchester City that the player is injured. “We received a communication, we could have brought the player to see him, but I didn’t do it with anyone and I don’t see why I would do it with Mahrez. There is a relationship of trust with the clubs and the players.he says, explaining that the following two games are not the kind of important games we play ‘gritting your teeth’that is, to be injured.

Referring to the Greens’ next opponent, Belmadi admits that Uganda is a tough team that has performed well in World Cup qualifiers and does not concede many goals.

In addition to the two official matches, which will be necessary “Win and qualify as quickly as possible”, He hopes to play a third match, but has reported difficulties finding a sparring partner.

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Delort Status: New Items

Djamel Belmadi was also invited to talk about the mini-revolution he just made in the EN workforce by summoning seven new elements in particular for the first time.

“We have been following them for a long time and felt it was the perfect time to contact them. The situation is more favorable today,” He warns that there is nothing final either for them or for those who have been dismissed: “In the world there are players who have a selection. Having access to English is not an end in itself, the hardest part still has to be done, they will be in the middle of the competition and they will have to stand out.”

“Nothing is final, as long as I think a player can help, he remains a selectable, unless he announces the end of his international career. In that case, we will make sure he has an honorable exit. Otherwise, for those who enjoy competition, the door is always open.”He said about the dismissed.

The door, he also leaves open for Andy Delort and this is the first time he has spoken in a new tone about a Nice player since he was sent off last October for asking to do the job. The impasse at the CAN.

“There is nothing personal with Andy, quite the opposite. There is just a position he has taken in relation to the country and the players. For those who know, she is a bombshell. We can’t do that, we don’t accept that. There was a discussion with him, there are other elements and he will be available.” opportunity to say things too.” Belmadi states who, implicitly, does not rule out the possibility of calling up the striker who had just finished the season in Ligue 1 again.

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FIFA and refereeing: only beautiful words

Regarding his decision to continue his mission, the Algerian coach confirmed that he was motivated by the confidence expressed by the public in the device.

“If I had the slightest doubt, I wouldn’t be there”, Confirms. for him, “It’s the most important”, “The rest is anecdotal” contract first.” moral “. “We’ll sign a paper if they want, but the essential isn’t there”says about his position towards the union.

“Obviously, before motivating the players, we must tend ourselves to leave. It is so, though there is a lot of anger inside of me,” admits. Anger from the losing match against Cameroon that is still going on. Even Djamel Belmadi admits that he will continue to suffer from disqualification throughout his life.

“We worked for 4 years for this, remained undefeated for 4 years, and almost pinned the indomitable world record. We were determined to go to the World Cup. There was a downfall at CAN, and we will accept the idea that it is a failure, but overall, It is a group that has been successful for many years,” He said, also recalling that this team had defeated all the African options qualifying for the next World Cup, except for Morocco, which it did not have to face.

But there were the last 20 seconds of the return leg against Cameroon on March 29th in Blida.

Belmadi realizes that there was a big mistake in the end and for the first time he names the culprits: central defenders Benayada, Badran and Touba did not have to get involved in the confrontation that occurred after the equalizer from Algeria.

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“The most dangerous Cameroonian player is Ekambi. Benayada had the advantage of putting him in the pocket in the first leg and in the second leg. But he had to put himself in front, this mistake to get out of his focus, football is all that. He is not in alignment nor in marking. He is a level High, it is played based on the details and if we add the judgment, there is still a lot to do,” Analyse.

Around Referee JasamaBelmadi did not change his mind and asserts that he distorted the result of the match between Algeria and Cameroon and even launched a small challenge to FIFA.

“I think I defended the interests of the EN and the FAF and the investment of the players (…) I am waiting to be called up (…) Infantino knows that African football is a source of talent, says he wants to put some order in the refereeing, in the end just words amazing “, Sorry for the coach of the Algerian national team.

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