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Kirby and the Forgotten World reveal themselves in pictures and artwork – Nintendo Switch

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Kirby and the Forgotten World It definitely caught our attention. universe mixture koi The usual little pink ball with more realistic environments indicate Hashli Hashima It is really very promising. And last syllable published last week We became impatient to turn it on. And you continue until today to discover the official screenshots and artwork for the game that you can find on this page. As a bonus, find the latest trailer and presentation for Kirby and the Forgotten World.

Reminder, Kirby and the Forgotten World will be available 25 March 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Take Kirby on an unforgettable adventure

Control the powerful pink ball, Kirby, and move freely through 3D levels to explore a mysterious world. What adventures await Kirby? Take a deep breath of air and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Explore a mysterious world

Discover a mysterious world filled with the ruins of an ancient civilization – like a mall?!

Unleash awesome powers

Copy enemy powers, such as Sword and Ice (plus the new Drill and Explorer powers), and use them to attack and explore your surroundings!

Visit Waddle Dee قرية Village

Take a break from your adventure to relax in the charming village of Waddle Dee. Play mini games or compare your scores online* via Scholar Waddle Dee.

Team up to double the fun!

Pass the Joy-Con Controller** to a friend who can help you by controlling your Bandana Waddle Dee in local play mode.

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