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Kyndryl’s Way to Attract Employees to the Office

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Marigot Charbonnier, Chief Human Resources Officer at Kendrill (Source: kendrill)

September 28, 2022

Mariego Charbonnier is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Kendrill, For example, IBM’s former infrastructure division was scrapped into an independent company with 90,000 employees in 63 countries. A featured panelist at C2 Montreal, the Director of Human Resources took a behind-the-scenes look at returning to the office at a global digital company. The good news is that many of the tips were given during the conference The evolution of work and leisure: How our behaviors shape the futureIt also applies to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Kyndryl creation was formalized in November 2021. Since the first strategic retreat, there has been talk of the company’s culture.

Over the course of two days, we spent a whole day talking about our culture [qui s’incarne par l’acronyme RED – « relentless » en innovation, « empathetic » envers les employés et « devoted » à partager le succès – et les 3F – « flat », « fast » et «focused »] ; From the echoes we had, people were surprised, reporting that in the past, leaders only approached the business side of these meetings. »

The HR manager explains the importance of the topic, in the context of back in the office.

Today, we have to think about culture in the workplace. She is one of the “Cs” conditioned to return to the office. We return to the Office of Culture, Communication, Training and Creativity.”

In his view, culture is defined as a set of ‘mentioned’ and ‘unexpressed’ messages that shape behavior through three vectors, those of systems, codes, and organizational behaviour.

If you want to change the culture, start by identifying the behaviors [désirés] Determine how it occurs or does not occur in the organization. (…) If you want to change the culture, ask your employees which systems cause them the most frustration, and see if you can make quick wins. [en les améliorant]. It will send a stronger message than anything else.”

Back to office question

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After emerging from the pandemic, the young multinational company had to decide “how” and above all “why” to bring employees back to its offices.

Are we just going to do as we did before? asks the HR manager. As employers of choice, how can we give our employees the flexibility to work where they want to work? Someone said something that resonated a lot [en moi] : Now, as leaders, we must gain crossover [de nos employés au bureau]. Let me repeat: we have as leaders benefit To deserve this pass. »

In the end, the multinational company managed to put itself in the mindset of its employees.

What we have heard from our employees is that the time they spend at home during the pandemic has been beneficial to them. And they don’t want to lose that by going back to the office. »

In an effort to establish guidelines for returning to the office, the Canadian division of Kyndryl has given birth to a model that today’s HR leader is promoting. it’s about ” Canadian Balance Pledge Or Canada’s promise of work-life balance.

This promise includes tangible elements such as: Not sending email outside of business hours. President [régional] Do not send messages on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have redesigned the holiday schedule to make weekends 4 to 5 days. When vacation dates are set, the company undertakes not to disturb employees during this period, etc. »

The HR manager argues that these are all measures that can be applied to companies large and small.

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