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Landslide: 53 more homes evacuated in La Baie

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Residents of the additional 53 homes affected by the eviction announcement, which are in the same sector, must have vacated their homes before Sunday morning at 7 a.m.

Many families are currently vacating the building, bringing as many things with them as possible. Some find refuge with relatives, while Saguenay redirects those with nowhere to go to Jean-Claude Tremblay Sports Centre. They will be able to spend the night in the municipal square.

The sector in question extends to the Avenue du Port and above the Avenue du Parc. The number of affected families has now risen to 76, according to the mayor of Saguenay, Julie Dufour.

Many families living in the 53 damaged new dwellings in La Baie are evacuating their homes this evening.

Photo: Radio Canada / Flavi Villeneuve

Information received by Sagwini shows that the ground movement could be greater than the first assessment made this week.

Authorities expect more plots to collapse in the coming days. This new landslide could lead to other dwellings.

Related important event from taken Seriously The municipal authorities said, during a press briefing held on Saturday evening at the headquarters of the Saguenay Fire Department, on University Street, in Chicotime.

At 4 p.m. on Saturday, the Quebec Department of Transportation told Saguenay that the land was currently very fragile and conditions were similar to those in Saint-Jean-Vianney in 1971. Then a major landslide killed 31 people in the Shipshaw area. .

They showed us that the Earth was in favorable conditions for a major landslide, which would be somewhat similar to Saint-Jean-Vianney, in the past. So the ground underneath is very fragile, at depth, which could cause a major landslide. »

Quote from Steve Julian, Deputy Director of the Sagueni Fire Department

Engineers drilled holes earlier this week in the 8th and 9th Avenue area, where a landslide swept away a house after a bridge fell after heavy rain.

Evacuation must be long

Eviction can continue Maybe weeks, maybe even monthsSaguenay Mayor Julie Dufour said.

She added that we are doing everything we can to help resettle these people, and give them information. They are our number one priority. And I ask everyone to cooperate tonight as quickly as possible, to take our things quietly.

Those affected must recover as many personal effects as possible. On-site firefighters.

All our people are alive, and this is the most important thing. »

Quote from Julie Dufour, Mayor of Saguenay

emotional state

Eviction is emotional for many residents, who are forced to leave their homes without knowing what will happen to them. This is the case of Yolande Tremblay, who collected personal effects that got into her car on Saturday evening. She has lived in her home for six years and will find sanctuary with her sister for now.

The authorities confirmed that all those affected by the eviction will be taken care of and no victims will spend the night outside. Saguenay invites those affected to call (418) 699-6000 for support.

A dam will be laid on Sunday and more streets will be closed. A second opinion will also be implemented.

The authorities have also warned intruders who may be tempted to go into the vacated sector, while the risks of a new separation of the land are great.

So far, 79 people were affected by the eviction notice earlier this week.

More information to come

With information from Flavi Villeneuve

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