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Lara Fabian Presents A Delightful Show For Audrey Louise!

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Three days after being expelled from the Star Académie, Audrey-Louise receives an interesting offer from Lara Fabian.

His departure from Waterloo Palace not only disturbed the academics. Many viewers protested the faculty’s decision on Sunday evening.

Even if Audrey Louise cannot return to the academy, an amazing surprise awaits her very soon! Lara Fabian offered him to go up on stage alongside him during his next performances. Audrey Luiz in particular will be at the Videotron Center in June.

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“I talk to Audrey Louise every day, since Sunday. She’s doing really well. She said something very fair: Life has done well, and if it stops at that time for me, there’s probably a reason,” said Lara Fabian. .

The 23-year-old singer received such a huge outpouring of love upon leaving the academy that they petitioned to get her back together.

The main interested party did not hide her disappointment, during her visit to the set of Salut Bonjour, the day after the elimination. However, it has shown us great resilience.

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