Le Journal Saint Francois | Netflix puts up barriers to stop sharing accounts between friends and relatives

Netflix recently confirmed that it is rolling out a feature to limit sharing an account with friends or relatives by sending a code to the person it suspects may not be the owner.

We will not hide it, almost all of us have given our Netflix password to a loved one or on the contrary, borrowed someone’s account to watch the movie or watch series.

This might come in handy for us, but it’s clearly nowhere near as good as the streaming giant because it loses potential customers.

Netflix has everything to gain by forcing users to sign up and thus pay to take advantage of its content delivery service.

function may be necessary

Seeing the tweet, we notice that Netflix is ​​offering us to verify our account via a code sent via email or text message.

In theory, this means that if we share the service with our friend, we can send the said code to him as soon as we receive it.

On the other hand, it will not be easy to do this because we do not know how much time will be devoted to entering the code. If the account holder is less busy, the other person may be waiting a long time on the other end.

Where they can become interesting, or even necessary, in the event of a hack. Without access to our phone number or email address, it is impossible for the offender to continue using our Netflix account at our expense.

The streaming giant has already confirmed that the testing phase of this feature is being rolled out with the aim of putting an end to password sharing.

Netflix Canada spokeswoman Lindsey Scully said the test is designed to help ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are authorized to do so.

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