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Le Nouvelleste | Health Sciences: Honoring two Haitian colleagues in Cuba

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Mureille Desrosiers, the Haitian Fellow in Clinical Biological Analysis in Cuba, was awarded a gold medal for her work and an award in scientific research, becoming the first foreigner to win this distinction in the history of the country’s university. Clinical Bioanalyst makes no secret of the honor and pride to have received this distinction. “Receiving all these awards is for me a well-deserved reward after putting in so much effort during these six years of training, which has not been easy, especially during the pandemic. At Nouvelliste this Wednesday, there is a mixture of joy, pride and recognition that was It’s flowing inside me ever since and it’s motivating me even more to give the best of myself day in and day out and in everything I do.”

For his part, Dr. Peterson Al-Sios was awarded the Distinguished Graduate Medal. The scholarship holder says he is proud and proud to be a Haitian for receiving his medical degree with such an important distinction from the Faculty of Medical Sciences. “I consider this experience as a first step towards this new phase that is beginning for me. I hope to continue improving myself, to gain new knowledge so that I can get my master’s degree. So I hope and rely on the support of the Haitian government to help me obtain a specialization so that I can gain more of knowledge to help my country. This is my biggest dream,” Alsius Peterson promised in an interview with the newspaper on Wednesday.

Fadjala Sherry, Widline Elizare, Anaudia Mayerling Jack, Joanna Riel Jean Philippe, Daphne Sarhagenst Joseph, Carl Louis Caitan, Nicolas Deronette, Pickens Woods Anderson Dorville, Djimps Dufo, Pearson Alkeus and Morelli Desrosiers are 11 new health professionals, including 11 Doctors and one doctor. Therefore, bioanalysts received their diploma from the University of Medical Sciences in Santiago de Cuba on Saturday, August 13, 2022. Two of these distinguished Haitian colleagues were honored during the graduation ceremony held in the presence of the Haitian Ambassador to Cuba. , Regin Lamour, Olna Deauville, Cabinet Member, Minister of Health, Margaret Austrell Sanon, Coordinator of Haitian-Cuban Cooperation. “The eleven graduates will soon be going home for their social service,” Reagan Lamor confirmed.

For the Head of Mission, the graduation ceremony is a source of great pride, which the Embassy and the Ministry of Public Health of Haiti gladly join in, honoring the time students had to devote to obtaining their degree. “You must keep in mind that this is only the first step of a long road that opens before you now. It is just a challenge to win. Many others are waiting for you, there are other challenges to face. On your way you will find many people who want to make it difficult for you and want to In making you give up on your next goal, which is to break you. You will then have to continue your fight and not give up. On the contrary, show them that nothing will defeat you and that you know who you are, that you trust yourself and that nothing will stop you,” said the ambassador who was contacted by the newspaper on Wednesday.

Laureate of the Scientific Research Award in Cuba, Mureille Desrosiers, is a graduate in clinical biological analysis, a rare specialty in Haiti. Clinical biological analysis includes a wide range of professional practices, and is aimed at the analysis of biological samples, as well as the diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment of diseases. It is based on scientific research from samples taken from the human body and from the environment with the aim of showing the physiological and morphological changes that they cause, whether in microscopic or microscopic aspects through the application of traditional and advanced methods.

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