Le Soleil de Chateauway | Videotron will connect homes in Beauharnois-Salaberry and Haut-Saint-Laurent with high-speed internet

By September 2022, homes in five municipalities in Beauharnois-Salaberry and another 11 in Haut-Saint-Laurent will be connected to Videotron’s high-speed internet services.
These municipalities are part of many other cities in Monterey where 5,460 families are affected by this initiative. The Canada-Quebec High Speed ​​Operation is supported by an investment of $31.66 million.
Videotron will soon conduct an inventory of the target areas to confirm the exact number of households that currently do not have access to high-speed internet. This will determine where the services will be deployed.
The pandemic has exposed just how important high-speed internet services are. Whether to access telemedicine, tele-education, entertainment, online sales and teleworking.
Access to efficient, reliable and affordable Internet services is at the heart of the economic and social development of societies. The work funded by the Canada-Quebec High Speed ​​Process is an essential component of Quebec’s digital transformation.
“Finally, more than 80 homes located in remote municipalities in the riding area, namely Beauharnois, Saint-Etienne de Beauharnois and Saint Stanislas de Kostka, will have high-speed internet services to meet their needs,” said MP Claude. Reid. Thanks to this unprecedented process, many citizens, including some farmers, will finally have the technological means that will make their work easier. This will to act around this goal has been expressed, which makes me very proud. “
“Access to high-quality internet, whether for work, study or leisure, is essential,” Representative Claire Isbel said. This long-awaited news indicates a promise made by our government, which cares about its people and is committed to building Quebec today and tomorrow. “
Last week, Canada-Quebec High Speed ​​Operation announced a $34.7 million investment to purchase 5,380 homes in the Montérégie area that will be linked to Cogeco.

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