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Les # Édubrèves – The week of May 23, 2021

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The big countdown officially began at the end of the school year with less than a month left before the end of semesters. Until then, the subsidiary school team will continue to search the web for information relevant to you. Here’s your # Édubrèves for the week.

Please note that the use of animated GIFs in this short news summary is for entertainment purposes only!

The educational curriculum and the common method

The Ministry of Education offers a webinar on educational curricula in the context of distance education. It’s a meeting on May 28 from 11 am.. This activity, provided to faculty members and educational advisors, aims to introduce teaching practices that improve the use of audiovisual tools, installed in schools, and aimed at facilitating distance education. The presentation will be presented in both French and English. The presentation will be followed by a period of discussion on different methods of distance learning such as joint education.

Winners of the 2021 Demo Day at Technovation Montreal

More than twenty teams of young girls from primary and secondary schools in Montreal and Ottawa Gatineau, accompanied by their mentors, recently presented the Technovation Girls technology project.

Image credit: Matteo Zamaria

We invite you to discover the winners:

Grand Prize (Senior Category) : It is mushroom from Quintessence Quintet It is an app that empowers girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in Africa by educating them about the importance of menstrual hygiene and donating menstrual products in their area.

Grand Prize (Junior Category) : Planet of Pets from Kawai-chan girls It is an educational application that educates children about endangered species.

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Favorite jury : You are boring? from SparKL It aims to reduce symptoms of depression through hobbies by generating daily challenges to motivate users to achieve goals.

The technology of choice for the jury : Domain from Mobius It is a mobile educational adventure game that educates users about environmental impacts through ease of inputting information, while inspiring them to think ethically about their actions.

Image credit: Matteo Zamaria

This is an initiative of the organization Technovation Montreal. The 24 local teams have also submitted their projects to the Cabinet’s International Arbitration Committee Global Technology Summit, Which will be held on 12 and 13 August 2021. The semi-finalists from around the world will be announced on June 2.

Trace cleanser

As part of the project Covid-19: Screening Purification, Agence Science-Presse presents Four podcasts Which explores the phenomenon of disinformation and fake news in the unusual context of the global pandemic. This podcast is produced byScience Press AgencyIn cooperation with Professional Union of Quebec Journalists (FPJQ), a content agency 37th Street And the MonCarnet. This was achieved thanks to Canadian Heritage financial support.

Indoor gardens for schools

Verio It offers educators to bring nature into their classrooms by installing educational, connected, immersive, and fun indoor gardens. Students grow plants, fruits, and vegetables and learn through projects throughout the school year! Watch the video introducing the project.

The Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation invites stakeholders in education, from early childhood to university, through alternative settings, to participate in Challenge Open your door. a Facebook event It was also created to provide inspiring and varied examples to help people who weren’t getting started through this teaching take the lead at their own pace and in their own way. Participants have until June 17, 2021 to share their initiatives by going to Thus, you are eligible for several participation awards.

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Image source: Andréanne Gervais-Crête

A helping hand to succeed in school

School promotion It is reported that it provides a one-time or regular support service for children from pre-school to university. Provides support for homework and development assistance in the form of individual and personal courses in all subjects as well as follow-up in orthopedics. We already talked about it in the branching school.

To read:

  • GAFAM, the 5-headed beast Mainly: This file, by Phylippe Gendreau of Carrefour Education, aims to equip today’s youth so that they understand the issues that are dictated, controlled, and dominated by the web giants called GAFAM: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.
  • In the shadow of the Covid-19 crisis, school principals have had to review their practices : Three professors from the University of Quebec in Rimouski wanted to understand the role of school principals in the current context. Their research revealed eight principles guiding school principals ’behavior in this time of crisis.

In conclusion … let’s get the most out of your weekend!

see you soon! Until then, feel free to “tag us” (in good French …) on Twitter (millaudrey or riomarti) so we can talk about your project / supplier in a future review of the week! I wish you a nice weekend!

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