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We have the soft governments we deserve

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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This week, on QUB Radio, I interviewed former team Romeo Dallaire about the post-traumatic stress disorder he suffered upon his return from Rwanda and that has overwhelmed many health workers.

I took the opportunity to ask him what he thinks about our management of the epidemic.

The ex-soldier did not utter his words.


He told me, “Political elites at all levels in Canada have failed to take strong stances to inspire their citizens to fight.” Decisions should be made unequivocally, not discussed and debated and political maneuvering between the federal government and the provincial and municipal governments. We are at war or not. “

To Mr. Dallaire, our authorities have shown smoothness.

Close, open, close, open … we play accordion instead of setting a specific goal and do everything to achieve it.

We made the decision to let 20,000 Canadians die instead of shutting everything down for six months. Yes, the economy will suffer, but governments can rebuild that … ”

I’m sure that when he saw us twirl around the popcorn haircut (should we eat it or not?), The ex-soldier tore his hair off his head.

As I say a lot, if a nation declares war on us, we will lose within 10 minutes.

We can’t even do without popcorn when we go to the movies, ordeal!


What do you want, Mr. Dallaire, we have the governments we deserve.

The truth is that citizens are unable to make long-term sacrifices.

If our leaders don’t give us nanane every now and then, we’re nervous and disobeyed.

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I’ll give you a little example that says a lot.

It’s not about the pandemic, it’s about fighting the spread of firearms.

In Bill C-21, the Trudeau government wants to ban the sale and use of imitation firearms in games Paintballs And the’Adsense.

Response from Sports Federation Quebec Airsoft: Not likely.

“We are nearly 200,000 players in Canada and will ask all enthusiastic players to vote against any political party that supports the Trudeau government bill.

“Realism is important in our sport. It is part of the mood. It is these details that motivate us to play.”

We just don’t want the guns they use to look like real guns! To protect the population!

“No! We don’t want to know anything!

It is our right to play with replica weapons that can be used to commit crimes!

It’s not true that you’re going to get us to play with orange plastic guns!

Take away our fun! “

A mouthful dose

We are there for you guys.

I have the right, I have the right, I have the right, I have the right.

I am sure that when he hears us grumbling like this with our mouths full, the former general has the desire to return to the front.

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