Link Three: Catherine Dorion said: We’re on Elvis Gratton’s record

Longest motorway tunnel in North America, deepest station in Canada: potential records to be shattered add up if the tunnel is built between Quebec and Levis to the point where the project becomes a caricature, supportive Catherine Dorion believes.

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We’re on Elvis Gratton’s record, with his movie ‘Think Well, Sti! ‘, was immediately fired by the Capitale-Nationale member in reference to the famous joke from the cult film Pierre Vallardo released in 1985.

Even if “Quebec really deserves an infrastructure investment”, it says it’s concerned about “individual excellence” in the case of Building 3e Correlation, especially in the absence of feasibility studies.

“We’re still talking about the city of Levis, not talking about a connection between two world cities,” she said.

On Monday, our Bureau of Investigation revealed that the Quebec-Levis Tunnel may force public transit users to descend a record 80-meter depth from the Parliament Hill section to take a bus, which would set a new record for the country.

The structure will also be the longest road tunnel in North America with a length of 8.3 km, twice the length of the current record holder, located in Alaska.

In the face of this new information, the Liberal Party of Quebec’s spokesperson for transport affairs, Enrico Ciccone, reiterated his request to the government to be able to hear the project office director on 3e Liaison in a Parliamentary Committee.

“How do we get to this depth under Parliament Hill?” We are announcing a huge project, but we have neither studies nor response.”

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According to the Party of Quebec, Legault’s government is “putting Quebec in a dead end”.

“The utility of the third interconnection project is doubtful, its bill would certainly be insane, and its feasibility is questionable according to the opinion of the engineer who was responsible for preparing a report on the project,” said Representative Joel Arsenault.

According to engineer Bruno Massoset, cited by our Bureau of Investigation, the obstacles represented by 3e The link ‘can’t be beat, [mais] It will have a very high cost.”

This full professor in the Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal conducted a feasibility study on a tunnel in 2016 on behalf of the Couillard government.

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