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Lord – Final Fantasy VII: The first soldier to be released on mobile in November

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Players will no longer be limited to computers and video game consoles to play Final Fantasy VII: Fisrt Soldier. As it has been announced for several months, Square Enix is ​​preparing to launch a battle royale on mobile. The trailer is here and the release date has been revealed. The title will be released in November.

Final Fantasy VII on mobile

Final Fantasy VII isn’t too small. The title, the seventh installment in the popular video game series, was revealed to gamers in 1997. The franchise has come a long way since then to reach Final Fantasy XV And the sixteenth of the opus expected in 2022. These new video games won’t forget a part of 1997. Square Enix simply chose this respective title for the mobile adaptation that was announced several months ago. Final Fantasy VII is available for Android and iOS very soon, as is GTA: San Andreas VR announced by Facebook social networking site.

For the occasion, the role-playing game has been updated by adopting the very popular concept of battle royale that has been geniusly exploited by franchises like Call of duty And pubg. He wouldn’t be the first in his franchise. Millions of players are already competing for Final Fantasy XIV Online, which is also a battle royale and is also very successful. Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier is going to ride this wave in hopes of collecting more players with its release, not on consoles, but on mobile. In Square Enix, the strategy is well executed.

Up to 75 players in the game

Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier will bring together up to 75 players in one game. The player will have to face his peers while facing the never-fail monsters in Final Fantasy. It will be possible to play different characters to choose from according to his playing style, and the publisher has already introduced several characters such as ninja, wizard, ranger or monk.

In terms of gameplay, we know that the upcoming mobile version will be optimized for mobile consoles. A training mode will also be provided for those who need a certain period of adaptation to play. As you can see in the Final Fantasy 7: First Soldier trailer, the story looks at the events that took place 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII.

Free video game expected in late November

Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier Android and iOS release date has been set for November 30. The title will be displayed for free. So you can download it for free from the usual app stores. Don’t worry, this free will not lead to poor quality like it did witheFootball 2022 at Konami. However, we’ll have to wait for the video game’s release to be sure. Case to follow!!!

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