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Loses her Apple Watch and steals $40,000

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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It’s a strange story that comes to us from Florida. The owner of the Apple Watch lost her smartwatch while on vacation at Disney World. At the time, she was the victim of a total of $40,000 stolen from her bank cards. She is sure there is a causal relationship, but she is not so certain.

In mid-April, while the Apple Watch owner was on a “Sailor with Nemo and Friends” fun tour, her watch accidentally fell into a clasp. Then the pair decides to come down from the whirlpool to retrieve the device, which isn’t cheap because it’s a Hermès version. The operator stops the attraction, then the staff asks the couple not to move from the ride, while ensuring that the Apple Watch is returned to the hotel.

bad surprise

This was not what happened, returning to the hotel, the couple learned that the watch had not been found. The next day, the owner had an unpleasant surprise when she found out that transactions were made on her bank cards, totaling 40 thousand dollars. Purchases you did not make. The victim canceled the cards quickly, limiting the damage even though it was already quite large.

However, it turns out that the bank cards at the origin of this theft (including American Express with no spending limit) were saved in Apple Watch Wallet, the virtual wallet that lets you use Apple Pay from the wrist. Could the two events be related? Anything can happen, of course, but Apple has put in place a protection mechanism that only certified watch wearers can use Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay is deactivated once the watch is detached from the wrist. To be able to use it again, you must enter your Apple Watch identification code. It is true that this four-digit code can be cracked quite easily if it is easy to guess (“1234″…). Is this the case? Details are unknown at the moment.

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