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Lynn v. Dubois | Trade for Winnipeg

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Just under three months after trading with Blue Jackets, Jets doesn’t seem to regret their decision.

Matthias BrunetMatthias Brunet

After a shy start, Pierre-Luc Dubois cemented the center position in Winnipeg, the Canadians opponent Thursday night at the Bell Center.

With two goals in their previous game, Quebec has scored 9 points in its last 12 games. Their number one spot, Mark Sheville, 28, is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 207 pounds. Dubois, 22, has the same build, but is left-handed, unlike Chevelle. The planes won’t have to worry about the center for the next six or seven seasons.

Winnipeg is now one point ahead of Edmonton Oilers and second in the Canadian division, one game postponed, with a record 23-13-3.

In Columbus, this deal turns into a disaster. The Blue Jackets lost their first cross. No one seems to replace it.

Patrick Lynn was supposed to let an anemia attack in a jacket revive him, but he doesn’t. Lynn has 14 points, including 7 goals in 31 games for Columbus.

Photo of Kim Clement, USA Today

Patrick Lynn

Lin, 44 goals in his second season in the National Hockey League, has scored just one in his last 21 matches. He has four points in this line which is -10. Not only does he not score, but one of his shots hit teammate Bon Jenner on this week’s hand. This one broke a finger and lost for the season …

The other player Columbus got in the trade, Jack Ruslovic, produces more with 24 points in 33 games, but coach John Tortorella does not seem convinced that the youngster’s future passes through the center and that Ruslovic has been eliminated from training. Recently.

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The other major deal didn’t pay dividends, either. Max Dome was set to become second place behind Dubois. But Tortorella soon realized that Domi was initially a winger, although he had recently been taken to the center, in a continuous game of musical chairs in Columbus.

PHOTO PAUL VERNON, Auxiliary Press

Max Domy

Domi has 16 points, including 6 goals in 41 matches, and has scored -13. He still has two games of two points in his last four meetings.

Barring a sudden turnaround, the Blue Jackets will not participate in the qualifiers. They are five points behind the Predators and last in the qualifiers, with one match left.

They are also three points behind Chicago, with only one game remaining, and the Dallas Stars, seventh in the division, follow suit. Dallas have only two points, but four more games remain.

Columbus would be in seller status. GM Jarmo Kekalainen recently claimed that he would be tempted to trade with Captain Nick Foligno if he showed a desire to end up with a leading club. Foligno, the 33-year-old powerful winger, enjoys complete autonomy at the end of the season.

PHOTO PAUL VERNON, Auxiliary Press

Nick Folinho

Even if he says he’s related to the organization, he has already talked about Blue Jackets in past tense. I did not expect us to end up in this position. Even I’m disappointed that I have to talk about it. I love this organization, these guys, this town. I loved my experience, my family loved their experience from day one. It is strange to determine the correct path. But before having this conversation with Jarmo or if I’m asked to do otherwise, I’ll try to find solutions to win at Columbus. ”

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Soon Patrick Lane would become a hot topic in Columbus. He will become a free agent with compensation this summer, and if he refuses to sign a long-term agreement, he will be entitled to full autonomy in just over a year.

It would be amazing if he wanted to link with this team. He’s going through his worst season of his career under the authority of Tortorella, who unsuccessfully kept changing his playing style, and Lynn has already had seven different passes since his arrival at Columbus: Jack Ruslovich, Mikko Cuevo, Nick Foligno, Riley Nash, Kevin Steenlund, Max Domy, and Alexander Tuxer. .

Kekalainen will no doubt have to trade him poorly as was the case with Josh Anderson and Pierre-Luc Dubois.

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