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Mac apps force users to pay for subscription

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These are Mac apps that “force” you to pay a subscription, a practice against the rules that is unfortunately very prevalent.

In 2021, the Washington Post reported that about 2% of Apple’s top 1,000 apps are the highest-earning App Store It was a form of fraud. It turns out that a file Mac App Store Nor is it immune to these unscrupulous developers. As The Verge explains, a developer by the name of Kosta Eleftheriou highlights several apps listed on the Mac App Store that use hard-to-close popups. Unless you pay the subscription Requested. Earlier, Kosta Eleftheriou compiled a list of fraudulent iOS apps that managed to bypass Apple validation.

These Mac Apps Are ‘Forcing’ You to Pay a Subscription

The developer started getting interested in this topic after posting a tweet from Edoardo Vacchi regarding the My Metronome app that disables the Quit option unless you pay a subscription. Apple simplified the process for reporting scams on iOS 15, but Edoardo Vacchi made it clear that it’s impossible to report My Metronome on Mac. Kosta Eleftheriou confirmed Edoardo Vacchi’s statement and provided The Verge with other apps with the same mechanisms. Jeff Johnson, a macOS and iOS developer, did some research on his own and discovered that the developer of My Metronome, Music Paradise LLC, is registered at the same address in Russia as another developer by the name of Groove Vibes.

The practice against the rules is unfortunately very widespread

Then The Verge downloaded and installed the Music Paradise and Groove Vibes apps. While some of them behave normally, others effectively disable the Quit and Force Quit options. Apps can still be terminated without paying, but the links to these pop-ups have clearly been thought and designed to be hard to find.

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Apple is proud to have a strict verification process in place for the App Store – Tim Cook He even said during his lawsuit against Epic last year that the store would be an “uncharted mess” without it. However, fraudulent requests sometimes bypass the procedures set by the tech giant, and these apps can actually make money for their designers. According to a 2021 Washington Post report, those reportedly earned about $48 million, including Apple’s commission. The My Metronome app is no longer available at the time of this writing, but it’s impossible to tell if this removal from the Store is Apple’s fault.

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