Pictures | The longest pedestrian bridge in North America has been installed in Montreal

An impressive and delicate process took place in the heart of downtown Montreal when North America’s tallest pedestrian suspension bridge was installed on Sunday morning.

To assemble and install the walkway, the teams in place had a short window of opportunity; The wind speed should not be more than 25 km / h. Work that was scheduled to take place on Saturday had to be canceled due to high winds.

Permission was given to start the process at 4 am on Sunday, and the whole thing started around 5 am.

The 125,000-pound (over 56,000-kg) platform has been installed on the 26th floor, over 100 meters high in the recreational area.

“We are talking about a 58-story tower, and another 61 floors. It’s like a gem. These are two symbolic towers in Montreal. It will change the “horizon” of the future. We are really proud to have such a high platform on the 26th floor. Marco Fontaine, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Development at Devimco, explains that it is one of a kind.

It is the first building in North America between two towers of this height, 100 meters in the air over a residential tower. We’ve been talking about it for over four years. “We worked on it for two years and then were able to do it today,” explains Matthew LeBlanc, Edyfic Construction’s director of construction.

If the structure is put into place on a Sunday, there is still at least six months of work to install the glass canopy.

It will be possible to turn inside the pedestrian bridge, but also outside.

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The pedestrian bridge that is part of the Maestria complex under construction in the entertainment district is the Devimco project. The Maestria project will include 1,700 residential and commercial units.

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