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In the beginning there is a book: On the road to the invisible, by Claire Lagouni, who wrote as a sequel to a documentary dedicated to those women who live in the streets and the centers that welcome them, sometimes without much potential. Then, from this book, and encounters during a year with homeless women, director Louis Julian Petty (discountAnd the Carol Matthew) Filming , invisibleWhere professional actresses (Audrey Lamy, Noemi Lvovsky, Corinne Masiero) rub shoulders with women in the reintegration process.

In the end, the result was a very moving film, shown privately in a private session of President Macron in order to raise his awareness of the always thorny issue of fragility.

Let’s dive into invisible.

The Invisibles, by Louis Julien Petty Photo: AZ Films

Starting without fla-fla

Staging is direct and attentive. The plans are presented and respected. This lack of resourcefulness is more than welcome, for the invisibles depicted here are the weary, weary women, who find themselves daily in the center of my day.

There, they can take a shower, charge their phone, or simply rest a bit in peace. However, the center will be closed within three months, leaving hardly time for women and social workers to find an alternative, at least within what the law allows…

Many women dance outside in warm clothes.
The Invisible Louis Julian Petty Photo: AZ Films

Fiction + Documentary + Reflection

Without misery or angelic, invisible It’s not just a normal look at the daily lives of women who have lost everything. There is still, fortunately, a clever reflection as far as this fact touches:

How can assistance be maintained for those women who are offered only temporary or administrative solutions? What do you do at night when the center is closed and nets are installed on the seats to prevent sleep? Can we help these over-needed women and thus increase their dependency and prevent their reintegration? How not to crack when the drama of great misery is forced upon all kinds of intimate small dramas?

A group of smiling women.
The Invisibles, by Louis Julien Petty Photo: AZ Films

Authentic rest movie

Revealing these women’s sense of resourcefulness in a state of survival by revealing impressionist graphics, the film adopts a resolutely endearing point of view: one of compassion, standing with tenderness and dignity on the side of those who fight to help, out of the rigid. The framework of the law, for those who help each other, are excluded, but not excluded from the story. Between the natural rigor of the Darden brothers’ films and the humanistic optimism full montyAnd the invisibledespite the sometimes intrusive music, liberates the words of those who have never used it.

Touch, in addition to simplicity and rare sincerity, reveals above all the beauty and goodness that a person can have. Authentic comfort movie without any gimmicks or cheats, that’s what feels good.

invisibleat ICI Télé on Wednesday, June 8, at 9 o’clock h.

Trailer (Source: YouTube)

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