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Mark Bergevin’s contract: ‘We are at a crossroads’ – Renault Lavoie

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With the Jesperi Kotkanemi affair now a thing of the past, all eyes now turn to Montreal Canadiens’ General Manager, Marc Bergevin.

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The CEO of the boarding house complex will expire in 2021-2022 in the last year of his contract and the 56-year-old has yet to sign a new agreement; A situation that could start to stir up the rumor machine.

“In a couple of weeks, we’ll be hearing a lot about it,” TVA Sports journalist Renaud Lavoie said Monday during the show. Duel in overtime On the airwaves of LCN. “I think we have reached a critical point, if you will, at a crossroads.”

“We know that a three-year contract offer has been made to Marc Bergievin. Are we going to agree a four-year contract? Will it be five years? My impression is that between now and the Canadian Golf Championship in two weeks, something has to happen.”

In the event that Bergwijn leaves at the end of the season, finding a replacement will not be easy, according to the journalist.

And Lavoie continued: “Either we don’t agree and Mark Bergvin will stay with the Canadian (Editor’s note: for the 2021-2022 season). He has always stated that he will complete the last year of his contract without any problem. But in my opinion, we should have something new between now and the golf tournament.” for the team.

“You can’t let Marc Bergievin do one last year without a new contract. And if you look at what he did, honestly, over the last few years and what he’s doing now with the arrival of Christian Dvorak. It’s easy to say we’d take another one. Yeah?! Which one and does he have all the experience? And knowledge is for Mark Bergevin. That’s important.”

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According to Lavoye, it does not appear that Bergvin was a general manager when he left.

“I think so,” Lavoie retorted after asking Paul Larcock in this regard. There is no doubt about that. I think Mark Bergevin showed it again today and I’d like to tell you, 48 hours ago. If his heart and mind were elsewhere, do you think for two seconds he would have done everything to get a player like Christian Dvorak.

“He was going to do what a lot of people would have done, and they said to themselves he wouldn’t be here next year, and Gisbury signed Kotkanyemi and he didn’t think about the Montreal Canadiens and their future. Somehow we tell ourselves we’re not going to be there. I think he’s managed again over the last few hours like a general Motors who cares about his team and thinks of one thing in the future. If he is thinking about the future, it is because he thinks he is part of the future.”

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