Mercedes-Benz joins the electric circuit in Quebec and Eastern Ontario

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC | Photo: Mercedes-Benz

  • This partnership will make 3,300 new stations compatible with the Mercedes me system

  • These public stations already exist

  • These stations will have Plug & Charge in order to be more practical

Mercedes-Benz Canada has just announced the expansion of its Mercedes me freight network in collaboration with Electric Circuit, one of the major freight networks in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

This new partnership will allow Mercedes EQ drivers to use circuit terminals as part of the Mercedes me network, which means that the manufacturer’s innovations in this area are included.

In particular, this means that these stations will be equipped with the Plug & Charge system, which allows drivers to stop at the charging station, connect the cable and depart without having to connect to an app and organize the payment. before the power comes on. is provided.

This is made possible by MBUX’s integrated payment system, the manufacturer’s latest infotainment system, which can bill the owner’s credit card for used electricity seamlessly, without the hassle of calling or paying, which is often encountered at the charging point.

This new addition brings 3,300 new stations to the Mercedes me network in Quebec and eastern Ontario, one of Canada’s main regions for the number of electric vehicles in circulation. The total number of compatible charging stations across the country is now over 8,950, including more than 1,300 DC fast charging stations.

In addition to public places, Mercedes me charging stations are also located in convenient semi-public places, such as hotels, car parks in shopping centers and workplaces, with the aim of making it easier to find a place to recharge.

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